July 29, 2016

Ok, so I’m on the road right now so this will be quick. And I mean I’m basing a lot of it on what I remember on the initial rewatch. The episode’s a good one!

The Secret Sparkle Classic has come back around again for the last time. This time it’s no big deal how the cheerleaders get there and this time it’s no big deal that Haley doesn’t ride on the bus with Lucas because…

Haley and Peyton drive up to New York City with Brooke. YEAH, RIGHT! Oh, yeah, it’s fine since they don’t have any parental supervision. Peyton’s not going to mope around, she’s going to live life the way her moms would want her to. They have Haley stuffed in the backseat with all the stuff. Of course they do! They are heading to Rogue Vogue! At one point Haley punches Peyton in the shoulder playing the slug bug game out of the blue and the girls lose it, they can’t stop laughing. I love this show! They make it into the city and oolala.

The boys are on the bus on their way to Charleston. I guess they have a bigger budget because they have a bus that fits the girls and the boys and…the chaperones. And Whitey has once again entrusted Karen to be a chaperone. Only this time Keith goes too! And they are making out in the back of the bus and get caught by Whitey. Nathan tells Lucas not to worry, that’s not as embarrassing as Dan attacking him in the locker room. Lucas is in good spirits.

Our Core 5 are having a good time!

In Brooke’s absence, Rachel treats the team like she’s the captain. Only now they appreciate Brooke more because Rachel is a really bossy tyrant. She apparently didn’t get the memo that they NEVER win.

When Brooke and the gang get to the Rogue Vogue venue they happen upon the director lady. Brooke tells her that they want to know what time her clothes show because they want to catch a flight to Charleston so they can go to their Cheerleading competition. The lady looks at the schedule and says that the times changed and Brooke’s clothes don’t show until the next day. She’s really snotty and says they have cheercision to make. Ugh. The girls talk it out and Brooke decides that Haley and Peyton should go and she’ll stay.

When Haley and Peyton arrive, Rachel has finished terrorizing the squad for the day. They are all happy to see them and then ask where Brooke is. Rachel is the only one happy that Brooke had to stay behind. Rachel is awful. The squad goes to their rooms. Haley goes to find Nathan and Rachel invites Peyton to her room for some tequila. Peyton goes because she wants some tequila!

Bevin kicks her roommate out because she’s “sick” but really Skills is there. And since they have the WORST chaperones on the planet, a whole bunch of room switching occurs and boys sleep in girls’ rooms. OMG! Speaking of the chaperones. Karen and Keith thought they were going to share a room, it’s even fixed up all romantically. Of course, Whitey has to happen and he says he can’t have that so he and Keith will be staying in that room and Karen will stay in another one. I’d like to think that there are days or nights Whitey feels a little guilty about not letting them spend the night together. Considering what happens and all.

Nathan’s friend from High Flyers comes by his room and invites him and Lucas to a party. Nathan’s not so sure since he knows how wild a Battle party can be. I can’t remember what his name is in the show but he uses his real last name and his real first name is Texas. Loves it. So they go and have a good time and meet the Battle family. The little sister takes a real liking to Lucas and puts blue eyeshadow on him. It actually doesn’t look bad. It’s good brother bonding time and they both know they don’t want to be like Dan and they don’t have to be. Battle’s dad was abandoned by his father and he turned out all right. Dan is in their life but he’s AWFUL. Lucas thinks that maybe Nathan and Haley’s family can break the cycle of bad Scott dads. Nathan likes that idea.

Since Nathan isn’t back, Haley goes to find Karen. Too bad she didn’t go looking for Peyton. More on that in a bit. They decide to watch a movie. It’s a really weird Diane Lane lovefest for a bit. They think they’re about to watch Must Love Dogs, but an Adult movie starts up instead. Haley realizes she missed an “n” in the catalog. Oops! Although, a lot of Diane Lane movies are next door to adult movies. Just sayin’!

Meanwhile, Peyton and Rachel are drinking tequila. Peyton gets really drunk and she actually has a pretty good time. Bevin calls to tell Rachel to tell Peyton that they’ve rearranged all the rooms so that Peyton stays with Rachel and Lucas stays alone in Peyton’s room so that Nathan and Haley can have their room. All the while, Bevin is being swim lessoned by Skills as payback for Notebooking him. It’s silly, I don’t get any of it. Rachel of course doesn’t tell Peyton any of this and drops off a very drunk Peyton in what is not supposed to be Lucas’s room. On the way they are talking about a song lyric and Peyton says it reminds her of Lucas, but then quickly changes it to Jake. Ugh. That reminds me that in the last episode she told Ellie about a guy she really liked but can’t have or some such. We’re supposed to think it’s either Lucas or Jake and they confirm that here. She insists Jake, but we all know it’s Lucas, am I right? Peyton tells Rachel that she’s not as bad as she thought she was. Peyton’s totes wasted because Rachel is exactly as AWFUL as everyone thinks she is!

In the room Peyton plops on the bed where Lucas is already trying to make himself comfortable. He knows she’s trying to drink the Ellie death pain away. She notices his blue eyeshadow. I assume she passes out after that.

Over in New York City, Brooke meets her model, Solaris. It’s Peyton List! You’ll know who she is soon enough. I’m hoping Frequency the TV series is going to be awesome! Innyway, she tells Brooke that she’s 15. No WAY! Brooke is even taken aback as a 17 year old that looks 25. Brooke thinks Solaris looks 25 and Solaris says so do bartenders. Bad girl! Bit of trivia, Peyton List is actually around 17 in this episode. Even though she still looks older than that! Sophia looks damn good for her age then! Ok, back to the show. She’s happy to be around another kid and Solaris invites her for a night out on the town. Brooke is all, fo sho!
Haley has fixed up the hotel room with candles and flowers and stuff. Nathan thinks Lucas is playing a prank. It leads to the bathroom where Haley is in a bubble bath. Nathan is happy to see her. He jumps into the bath fully clothed and these two are so goofy. Loves it!

Brooke’s night out isn’t all that great. Turns out, all fashion people want to do at night is drugs! Brooke is so not into it. When one of the Rogue Vogue director dudes hits on her, Brooke says she’s 17 and the guy says he didn’t realize she was so old, he thought she was more Solaris’s age. Ew. Brooke hightails it out of there! She gets a ride in a cab and the cab driver listens to her boy troubles and her troubles troubles. He’s sweet. She gets out on the sidewalk and sees a group of friends having fun as they pass by an ad for perfume or something that features Solaris.

The next day Peyton is supes hungover! She asks Lucas how bad it was. He says she threw up 6 times. Ew. Poor Lucas. Brooke walks into the room and sees that Lucas is there putting his shoes on. She of course assumes the worst. Understandable. She storms out of the room and Lucas chases her. He tells her what happens and that he slept on the floor [yeah, I think that’s a lie] and that Peyton needs both of them right now. Brooke hugs him and says she missed him. Haley and Nathan did it and are on the floor it looks like. Whaaa? Her tummy makes a gurgly noise because it’s Haley and that’s how her life rolls. She asks Nathan if he wants to order room service. He doesn’t he wants to go have a nice sit down meal, family style. Haley agrees. They are so goofy sweet! Peyton makes her way to the lobby to meet up with the squad. She’s got on her leather jacket and a pair of sunglasses. She walks up to Rachel and says that they aren’t giant pandas, she can’t just stick people in a room and expect them to mate. Rachel thought she was doing Peyton a favor. Peyton says Rachel can’t see but she’s rolling her eyes. Peyton’s phone rings and it’s Brooke. Brooke tells her that she sounds like ass and Peyton says she should see her. Brooke says Peyton looks like ass too. Peyton turns around and she and Haley are excited to see Brooke. She and Peyton hug and she tells her that she has her whole life for the fashion thing, she only has now to be 17 and have fun with her friends. Everyone is happy, except Rachel who says that the routine is for 9 girls not 10. Brooke pulls a Rachel and says sure it will work, just watch her for the changes. Everyone is happy, except Rachel. Oh and Whitey who is arguing with the desk clerk about a charge for pornography. Haha.

So at the Secret Sparkle Classic, nobody cares about the accompanying basketball tournament. They only care about the cheer competition! And it’s time for that. It’s time for the Ravens and Rachel tells them to stay on point and win. Brooke tells everybody to remember to have fun. The girls go out there and everything is going ok except Peyton is pretty sluggish. Rachel tells her to step it up, but Peyton reminds her that she’s the one that got her drunk last night. The girls get distracted and then Peyton accidentally trips one and it all goes wrong. They stop their routine not knowing what to do. Brooke jumps out in front and starts doing what I think is supposed to be the robot. Sophia is not the greatest dancer. Then Haley starts dancing funny and then all the girls start dancing and having a good time. Lucas gets up and the guys join the girls on stage and then all the cheerleaders and basketball players from other schools get on the stage and start dancing and having a great time…except Rachel who pouts and leaves because she’s a party pooper.

While the kids are up there having fun, Karen proposes to Keith. Whatever. And then we see back at Rogue Vogue that Solaris is happy Brooke went back home because the fashion life is AWFUL! And then we go back to the fun and I think Lucas has a voiceover about enjoying the moment or something. Roll credits.


Until next time…tooda loos!