July 30, 2016

Ok, so this episode is not jampacked, but it does pack a punch. Whaaa? So we start out with Nathan’s time capsul video, just like the time capsule episode. You might be thinking that maybe they forgot they already made this episode or that maybe you started the wrong episode. But, no, there’s Haley in the hallway with a bunch of other students watching…OMG, someone has released the time capsule EARLY! I think I know who it was, but it’s not revealed in this episode so I’ll, Shhhh!

Nathan says on the capsule how getting married to Haley was the worst think he ever did and then Haley turns and stares at him and then she’s like, adios, I’m goin’ home. Lucas’s portion plays too and we remember how dark his gets. Nathan also decides he’s had enough at that point. Lucas is about to after him when Brooke’s video starts up. There’s apart in her entry when she takes off her shirt and bra and everybody sees despite Whitey’s efforts to cut the power which just makes the generator kick in. It would’ve been for nothing though because Lucas goes home and Haley’s in his room watching the time capsule video on his laptop. OMG, someone has uploaded the time capsule to the INTERNET! I think I know who it was, but it’s not revealed in this episode so I’ll, Shhhhh! Lucas says nice things about Haley and that helps make her feel a little better about things. She asks if he talked to Brooke. He says he told her she looked beautiful. He then tells Haley if ever you find yourself in trouble, just roll that one out. Keith and Karen walk in to talk to Lucas to tell him that they are engaged. Haley gets super excited, then everybody hugs. At that moment Nathan says the thing about don’t ever get married it’ll ruin your life or some such. Karen gives poor child face to Haley. Awww. Later Keith tells Lucas he wants to adopt him and Lucas plays it super cool, but really his stomach is filling with rainbows, cupcakes, and unicorns. The whole town is going to be a Scott. Or are they?

Of course, the worst bit of footage to be released is Jimmy Edwards. Who? Well, do you remember that kid from Season 1 that used to hang out with Mouth? Well, he’s back and he’s full of hate for Tree Hill High. Whaaaa?

Still out of town, so the nitty gritty of the episode…

Lucas and Mouth try to reconnect with Jimmy but Jimmy ain’t having it. Lucas tells him that their growing apart was a two way street, it’s not like he tried to reach out to them. Jimmy is like, I don’t need this. Although, Lucas makes a good point. And it’s not like they stopped going to the River Court, Jimmy did. So, whatever. They manage to convince him to go to the benefit concert at TRIC. They go and then proceed to ditch him.  While alone, some of the students he bashed on the video start to bash in his face. Rachel comes up and pepper sprays them and then a full on rumble starts when Lucas and Nathan show up. It’s crazy! The security guards manage to break it up, Mouth shows up at just the right moment not to do anything useful, and Jimmy skedaddles. Mouth was moping about Brooke because she’s mad at him over it coming out that he watched her portion of the video. I would mention Anna, but he doesn’t because from here on out, those people never existed!

Meanwhile, Haley is freaking out that Nathan is going to get mad at her again after she performs her song. He assures her that he won’t. She’s not so sure they’re in that great of a place right now. Peyton on the other hand is having the best time watching her concert do very well. She’s thankful that Brooke pulled together a brilliant marketing strategy to get all of the tickets sold! Fall Out Boy is back to perform and Pete Wentz is happy because he gets to see Peyton again. It will not be the last time we see Pete. Jack’s Mannequin also performs and the lead singer is a leukemia survivor. Haley performs her song that in the show she wrote, but in reality Kara Diogourdi wrote. It’s all about how she’s not perfect and never promised she’d be even though people put her on a pedestal. It’s brilliant!

A music exec from Epic Records tells Nathan that Haley must really love him because it’s a shame she’s not touring. K. Afterward Nathan goes and admits that he is afraid of being vulnerable with her again and Haley’s all, I love you we’ll figure it out. Then there’s an encore, but we don’t hear that song. Everybody’s happy.

Except Jimmy because he’s miserable AND his glasses broke! Then there’s Mough who goes looking for Jimmy, but Rachel stops him because Jimmy needs to stand on his own and Mouth doesn’t have time for him and Jimmy doesn’t have any friends. Rachel is AWFUL!

The whole night was a huge success and everyone had a good time and is happy, except Jimmy…and Mouth…but mostly Jimmy. And Dan who earlier confronted Keith about the ledger and when Keith was all, No bigs, burn it, imma marry Karen, got really defeated looking.


Until next time…tooda loos!