August 1, 2016

We open in a field with little boy versions of Dan and Keith who has found a fallen Raven that he believes he can nurse back to health. Little brother Danny has another idea and drops a giant rock on it because it was weak. Keith gets upset and heads home. Then we are at the funeral for Keith. It’s outside in the cemetery as most TV funerals are. Lucas’s voiceover lists the stages of grief as he starts the throwing of dirt on the casket: Anger, Fear, Guilt, Depression, Acceptance, and the first seeds of grief – Denial shows on a title card.

Everyone except Dan, Haley, and Nathan go to the reception at Casa de Squints. Dan is being haunted by little boy Keith. Nathan and Haley are at Casa de Scott trying to make sense of it all. Peyton shows up to the reception on crutches, she didn’t go to the funeral She acts weird towards Brooke because of what happened in the Library, but doesn’t tell Brooke what happened. Nathan and Haley are in bed and he tells her how he feels about her and that his mom is coming home and that he wants to live with Haley again. He says all the hurdles they have to face don’t matter right now and it took what happened to help him see the light. Don’t worry, Haley will be there for Lucas at the exact right moment.

When they return to school there are some new precautions put in place like medal detectors at the entrances and armed guards. Some kids have set up a memorial by Jimmy’s locker. I guess he did have friends, just not the ones he wanted maybe? I don’t know, but Mouth goes and puts a little microphone. Lucas walks in and does not like what he sees because he thinks that Jimmy killed Keith. Brooke is unsuccessful in trying to redirect him and he goes and kicks the memorial down. Everybody just stares at him.

Anger is the next title card. Haley and Brooke are at the apartment. Brooke is sad because the wedding dress material for Karen’s dress arrived. Haley tells her the good news that she and Nathan are moving back in together as soon as they find a place. Brooke is happy for them, life is too short. Over in Gloom Town, Peyton’s dad tells her that he cancelled his next run. He sees the albums Ellie gave Peyton. Lucas is in his room and he gets a text to go to the school, he needs it.

It’s night and he arrives to meet Rachel. She leads him into the school where a kegger is going on in the hallway. Brooke tells him it’s not a party, it’s a cleansing to help everybody heal in their own way. Lucas is totally not into it. He doesn’t get Brooke and he never will! He goes the dark Library and Peyton is there. He goofs on her about her kissing him and saying she loves him. She really does. He loves her, but not the way he’s in love Brooke. Peyton is totally cool with that and is glad they’re good. He apologizes to her for not being there for her after Ellie died. She says Keith is proud of him. She also tells him that he should give Brooke a chance, her heart is in the right place. She’s the same as Luke, so she knows how he’s feeling about the situation right now and the urge to shut Brooke out, but he shouldn’t. They part ways and he meets Brooke in the hallway. They are on their way to dance when that Russ kid -the one who initially set Jimmy off in the first place- just HASN’T learned his lesson and is still a big Jerkface! He is shouting shooters in the hallway, meaning alcohol, but obviously making a bad pun. Lucas grabs him and tells him to pull his head out of his ass and to show some respect. Seriously, dude, seriously.

Lucas takes off and Brooke goes after him. He tells her that she doesn’t understand, she wasn’t there. Well, Lucas, you weren’t locked in a room with him for an hour, nor were you the one that had the gun pointing right in your direction when it went off, so what’s your point?…Brooke, who doesn’t bring up the fact that she was actually in the line of fire that day, says she may not have been in the building, but she still carries the day with her like everybody else does. Rachel and Mouth come outside and Rachel says she was there. Lucas tells her that she knows it’s wrong, somebody died in that hallway. Mouth corrects him and says that TWO people died that day. Lucas just can’t anymore and goes home.

Fear is the next title card. Lucas is in his room and Skills comes to visit him. He tells Lucas the at the River Court guys decided not to attend Jimmy’s funeral tomorrow. Um, the Tree Hill police are the WORST if they can’t tell that there is NO way that Jimmy killed Keith. Ugh. They have a philisophical conversation about the afterlife. Lucas has been thinking about it because he wants to understand how it works. Skills reminds Lucas that Jimmy was sick, he wasn’t right in the head. Lucas says that makes Jimmy a victim too and if a place exists after this one and doesn’t hold it against Jimmy, then Jimmy and Keith are in the same place. Skills says it’s a place beyond their understanding. Lucas thinks maybe the place just doesn’t exist.

Back at the school Haley and Nathan are slow dancing. Haley is saying how she loves the song playing and she’s feeling really happy and is it too soon? Nathan says it’s never too soon. Like Brooke said, everyone gets though stuff in their own way. Seasons later, Haley will have a tough time.

Ugh, Dan being haunted. He’s dick! He gets out of bed and goes to see Karen. He just walks right into Casad de Squints uninvited. Karen is not happy to see him because of how he treated Keith. We all know he treated Keith horribly! He says he loved his brother. Karen says that’s not helpful now!  For some reason he brings up Lucas and it upsets Karen and he says Lucas is old enough to make his own decisions like going back into the school and going into the dealership to rescue him. Damaged points maxed out, Dan leaves. Karen bursts into Lucas’s room to ask if it’s true. He says yes and she goes off on him! Lucas starts to cry and says how he blames himself for Keith going back in and Keith would still be there if he hadn’t. He cries out that he’s sorry. Karen has a cold stare and says sorry won’t bring him back. Whaaa? Lucas is stunned and so am I. Unbelieveable that a mother like Karen would say such a thing to her kid, but she did. And, like, wow! For serious, Keith went into the school to help Jimmy, which Dan knows, but will never tell I’m  sure.

Guilt is the next title card. Mouth places the picture of Jimmy back on Jimmy’s locker. Rachel comes up to him to tell him to let it go and that it’s not his fault. He says he wasn’t thinking that. She says he has some ridiculous notion that because he and Jimmy were friends once that he could’ve saved him. Mouth doesn’t see a problem with thinking that. Rachel tells him that the place is crawling with people that used to be friends once, but people grow apart and make new friends that share their interests. Mouth lists off a bunch of ways people group together with like minded interests. Whaaaa? Rachel says it’s human  nature. I hate when Rachel makes sense because she is AWFUL!  Brooke goes into the Tutor Center to talk to Nathan and Haley. She hands them her door key to the apartment. She says it was always theirs she was just keeping it warm until they came to their senses. Nathan asks about Lucas and Brooke says he left, she’s trying to give him space but it’s hard. She leaves and Haley wants to go find Lucas. Nathan says sure and they head off to see Lucas. But before they do, he picks up the tape Jimmy made him put down as a barrier.

Music Video Time! We see Dan at Keith’s grave. Lucas crying in the car. Poor guy can’t go home. We see Brooke, I think. We see Karen hugging Keith’s denim jacket. And a split screen of the kids and then Karen running to hug Keith when he returned. Karen breaks down all alone at the house and Lucas is breaking down all alone in the car. Back at school, Rachel and Mouth are dancing when she kisses him. He asks why and she says he’s not going to like her in a few seconds and then says she released the Time Capsule. Yeah, he doesn’t like her anymore and stomps off. Now, I have a hate on for Mouth that is because I of events that haven’t unfolded yet. Had he properly washed his mouth after that kiss, then maybe the future events wouldn’t have happened, but hey do, so…

Depression is the next title card. Naley finds Lucas at the Cafe. He shoves the predictions box over to Haley and says none of them will come true without Keith. He tells her that Karen thinks it’s his fault. Haley, like the rest of us can’t believe that Karen would say that, but Lucas, like the rest of us, knows that she totes pretty much did. Haley says that Karen is wrong! That Keith would’ve gone back in that building whether Lucas was in there or not. Nathan seconds saying that Keith did what Lucas did, he went back in there to save a life. Haley reminds him that Keith loved him just like they all do and Brooke does too. She points out that his first prediction is about trying again with Brooke. Haley knows just what to say, doesn’t she? Lucas goes back to the school, but he is too late, everyone is gone. Whitey is there, but says that he’s not really there, he’s going to let it slide. Whitey’s best friend is dead and that’s really sad. He says he’s been wanting to talk to Lucas but he’s been busy crying. Lucas says that Keith and Karen were going to get married and that Keith was going to the his dad. Whitey tells him that Keith was always Lucas’s dad, he saw Keith’s influence in him everyday. Lucas says he just wants Keith to come back home and that it’s not fair. Whitey then tells Lucas how once upon a time, Keith brought him back from a dark place after Camila died. Keith told him, “Coach, I know you want answers, but what is the right answer? Because there is no answer, only life.” Whitey tells Lucas to be the man Keith taught him to be because I anything less would make it a greater tragedy than it already is. Whitey knows just what to say, doesn’t he?

Ugh, back to Dan being haunted, only this time he’s at Keith’s grave saying he’s not going to feel guilty, then he spits on Keith’s grave. OMG, I can’t even. Plus he still thinks that Keith started the war and he just finished it. Um, Dan, any war is one you started. And also, KEITH DID NOT TRY TO KILL YOU! Such a baby!

Naley are back at the apartment. Brooke has made them a welcome back present…she used the wedding dress material to make them a bedspread and a note that says To true love. I just don’t see Nathan being comfortable on a round bed, but whatever. Haley says if only it were raining. Nathan has an idea.

Music Video Time Part 2! Peyton has finally hobbled home and her dad tells her that Pete from Fall Out Boy is waiting in the limo across the street. He can’t believe he’s allowing it, but hey, it’s like, yeah. We see Dan in bed NOT sleeping. We see Whitey cleaning up the hallway.

Acceptance is the final title card. Haley and Nathan are in the middle of the football field. He tells her that he just wants her to know that if anything happens to him he will always be with her and he wants her to be ok and know that she made him happy. She says nothing’s going to happen to him, but nods her head ok. Then the sprinklers come on and she says she wanted rain. OMG, he made it rain for her! Floves!

Lucas goes home and Brooke is in his room. He tells her that he’s sorry and wants her to know that he does appreciate everything she’s done for him. She tells him that she’s knows it’s horrible, but that she wishes she was the one Lucas had to rescue that day. She just wishes that sometimes he could rescue her from all of it. He says as long as she promises to rescue him back and she does. Then she says there’s something else she has to do. She shows up at Gloom Town and finds Peyton sitting on the porch. She tells Peyton she’s sorry for leaving her, she thought Peyton was behind her. She really did. Peyton says what helped her was knowing her best friend was safe. But then Brooke brings up that Lucas also made her feel better. She says the boy she loves protected the girl she loves and that’s the girl he loves too. So Brooke, if you know the truth, then why? Peyton hobbles up and says that she cares about Lucas but that Lucas is in love with Brooke and that she’s not going to to hurt Brooke again. They hug and laugh it out and she piggy backs on Brooke. It’s sweet. When they go in Peyton’s room they find that Larry has built shelves to display all of Peyton’s new records from Ellie. He thinks that maybe Ellie hoped she’d be with Peyton in the music. Peyton notices her bed is missing and he says he’s brining in two beds because Brooke is going to live with them. She tells Brooke that she made out with Pete from Fall Out Boy. Brooke doesn’t believe her.

The next day Karen is washing dishes and breaks her Keith Scott Motors mug. She cuts herself on it. Whaaa? Lucas comes into the kitchen wearing a suit. She asks why? And he says it’s what Keith wouldv’e wanted. SHe says no, and tells him to change. He repeats what he said and goes to Juimmy’s funeral. So all of the River Court boys go to Jimmy’s funeral together and stand with Jimmy’s mom. Lucas hugs the mom and roll credits.


So what we have here are several ways people can grieve. The stages are just a theory, the order irrelevant, the length of time unknowable. There is no right or wrong, more or less, just what is.

Until next time…tooda loos!