August 2, 2016

Rachel invites the gang, including Bevin, Skills, and Mouth to a weekend at her cabin in the woods.

Still out of town…so just a few quick notes about this episode…

They all go on the camping trip even though no one actually even likes Rachel.

As Lucas is leaving he tells Karen bye through a locked door. She doesn’t respond because she’s really sad. Lucas is worried about her. I like that he’s not going to hold against her what she said to him last episode. I think his shock was mainly due to the fact that he didn’t quite understand the gravity of how much his mother was hurting until that moment. Poor Lucas. Poor Karen. Poor my eyes full of salty tears. Wait, what?


Nathan re-proposes to Haley and wants to get married in front of all of their friends and family this time. There’s some great romantic comedy stuff in this one regarding them and it really helps lighten the mood after the last couple of episodes.

Skills and Bevin are all right as a couple, but small doses please. They try and establish Bevin as kind of dumb, but also kind of smart. They are making her a mix of a human and Tim. Small doses. We already know Skills is smart and based on how he feels about animals we can already guess he hates camping!

Pete from Fall Out Boy does show up to hang out with Peyton and make out and stuff. Ugh. I hope to never see him try to “act” ever again! I think this is the last time we’ll see him on this show. Phew.

Peyton’s leg is working just fine now. No worries!

Lucas gives Brooke another letter and leads to some hilarity and the term “brooking yourself”. Rachel is AWFUL, but sometimes she’s funny.

Mouth forgives Rachel because he thinks she’s hot. Well, he says because the weekend is really helping his friends, but I’m sure it’s mostly because he thinks she’s hot.

Lucas and Nathan have some great brother moments and a good heart to heart about Keith. They are so full of…Awwww.

They are all ready to leave but Brooke is still inside. She comes running out and we see that a lock has been opened. Uh oh! What did Brooke find? Rachel had told her earlier that no one goes in that cabinet! But, tired of how Rachel gets away with treating her, Brooke is no doubt plotting her revenge. I know what it is, but you’ll have to wait!

At the end the kids have their Beverly Hills, 90210 Hollywood sign moment, but they’re looking at Rachel’s cabin in the woods. Meh, but I still love that. I’m sure all moments like that are an homage to that. I’m sure of it! I’m also sure that all camping trip episodes are based off of the BH9 one even though no one almost dies in this one. Silly, Brandon. Although, there’s still more dialogue and stuff after their meaningful stare and the abrupt change over is pretty funny. But that’s real life, you can give meaningful stare, but you’ve gotta like do something else afterwards, right? They pile into two vehicles and drive away while Lucas gives good voiceover. Roll credits.


Oh…the “adults”? …Karen goes to Dan’s Mayor office to throw a bunch of stuff at him. It’s awesome. She throws the adoption papers in his face. She throws all of Keith’s paperwork from when Dan swindled Keith out of the autoshop. It’s the best! She tells him that he killed his brother. Dan’s eyes get really big, but Karen doesn’t think anything of it. She asks where he was that day. He’s always so worried about being mayor, what about being a father? He had 2 sons in that building! She tells Dan that she wishes it was him instead of Keith that died that day in the school. She storms out and Dan just stands there staring. He’ll always love Karen, but he’ll NEVER deserved her because he’s a Jerkface awful person. I could never do it justice, just watch it!

Until next time…tooda loos!