August 3, 2016

Ok, still out of town and today is travel day…so a few quick notes…

This episode is a real snooze fest, especially in comparison to the last few.

Deb returns! It brought a smile to my face to see her again. She’s good times, even when she takes the exit to Crazyville. She goes to the Cafe first, but it’s closed so she goes to Casa de Squints. Karen does not give her a warm welcome. Deb don’t care, she goes to open the Cafe back up anyway because her only friend needs her help! Lucas goes to the Cafe and thanks Deb for helping his mom. She says she wants to help Karen any way she can. He asks how she’s doing and she says that Dan’s been keeping her distance and Coop is living at the house with her which makes her feel safe to have family near. She also tells Lucas about how she didn’t talk to her brother for months after Nathan drove a race car into a wall. She knew it wasn’t really his fault (um, kinda was), but losing a child is the worst thing a mother could go through and their greatest fear. She tells Lucas that he needs to take care of himself because he needs to be there for his mother. So Deb is all, I get it and now you need to stop being an idiot and take your meds! I just know she knows! Later Karen comes to the Cafe while Deb is cleaning up and says she’s going to need all the help she can get. Deb says Karen is going to get it and they hug. Awww.


Mouth spends the whole episode sympathizing with Rachel and lecturing Brooke. What Brooke found in the cabin cabinet was a picture of Rachel fat at 14 and she made posters and hung them up everywhere with a question about who it was. Rachel explains to Mouth that she used to be fat and then she got her stomach stapled, started herself, and got a nose job and boob job. YEAH RIGHT! Must explain why she transferred to at new school Senior Year. At some point Brooke tells Mouth she’s tired of Rachel basically bullying her. And Mouth tells Brooke, didn’t you learn anything from Jimmy’s death? Um, Mouth, didn’t Rachel?! Later, Mouth tells Brooke that Rachel is not all bad. Brooke says neither am I and that she had no intention of actually going through with revealing who the girl on the poster was. It was all purely for Rachel’s benefit. Mouth thinks Brooke is the only bad guy in the Rachel/Brooke feud and huffs away from Brooke. Later Mouth goes to see Rachel and bring her flowers. He has a whole thing planned to basically ask her out because Rachel has played him like a fiddle. She answers the door and he starts talking only for Hot Uncle Coop to come up behind her and ask who sent flowers. See, Mouth and Coop have never met. Mouth hands them to Coop and says their from you and walks away dejected. But wait, what, why is HUC with Rachel?!

Naley go to the Church gardens where they want to renew their vows. They have to fill out a compatibility quiz. The next day they go back for their results and the priest tells them they have failed. Haley of course starts to freak out because a nerd hearing that they’ve failed a test never goes over very well. Nathan, used to failing tests, plays it cool and hypothesizes with the priest and tells the priest that there is no test that could measure the true love he and Haley share. The priest rips up the test and says they passed the real one. Yay! Later they eat ice cream before bed. They talk about Lucas because he didn’t play in the last game. Nathan tells Haley that Lucas has HCM. She tells him she already knew. She then realizes that Lucas must not be taking his meds and says that Lucas lied to her. Nathan says Lucas lied to everyone, including Lucas. He says not to worry, he’ll watch out for Lucas. Haley thanks Nathan for being such a great guy and being so cool with the priest. She tells him that she has an idea. She thinks it will make the day more special if they don’t do it until after the wedding. Nathan thinks that’s funny and then they do it. At some point during their storyline, HUC breaks into their apartment because nobody ever locks the front door. It’s like 1AM so of course he’s starving and makes everybody fancy eggs. He says he’s always wanted to meet the girl that made his nephew crash a perfectly good race car. She says she’s always wanted to meet the person who let Nathan crash a race car. It’s a fun exchange and Coop thinks Haley’s a tough one and of course he likes her for Nathan! He tells them that he’s met a model in from New York to house sit for her parents. Coop, so cute and so dumb…well, we all know who it is! It’s Rachel! But he never says her name, just that she’s hot and worth staying in town for awhile.


So Lucas spends the whole episode moping around. I get it. He walks off the court before the start of one game and Nathan decides they need to forfeit. He talks to Lucas and says he’s there for him. Coop goes to the River Court to talk to Lucas. He tells Lucas that he lost his sponsor and car because things got dark after Nathan drove a car into a wall. He says that he did some soul searching and realized he’ll be ok if he never gets to race again. He says it doesn’t matter what a person does, it matters who they are. At practice Lucas tells Whitey he doesn’t think he can play because he’s not sure if the game really matters anymore. Whitey tells the team the story of why his nickname is Whitey and says that the game does matter and can change lives, it changed his. He tells Lucas to take his time and come back to them when he’s ready. He talks to Deb and I think their convo is what leads to his next step in his journey. At the next game Lucas tells Nathan and Whitey that he can’t play because he has HCM and hasn’t been taking his meds. Nathan and Whitey are sadsauce. Whitey know that must’ve been hard to say, but he says not as hard as his next conversation is going to be. The game goes on without Lucas. He goes to Casa de Squints and tells his mom that he has HCM and he needs her now more than ever. Karen runs up to him and they hug and cry and sniffle. Wish that was the end, but no. Although, this is pretty much what pushes Karen to go see Deb.

So Peyton has spent the whole episode moping around about her relationship with Pete. Her dad gives her heart to hearts about how he wants his daughter to be with someone who respects and cares for her. Hint hint, he knows Pete from Fall Out Boy is not that guy! Long Zzzzz…story short, Peyton uses the ticket Pete left for her at the airport to go see someone else instead. OMG, it’s Jake! He has Jenny who is walking now. He smiles like a big goof and they all hug at the airport. And roll credits. Shut up, Jake!

What a gross waste of Brooke in favor of Mouth this episode was!

Until next time…tooda loos!