August 4, 2016

This episode is a good test to see if the show could still be good without The Chad. Well, it’s not ideal, but it can. Unfortunately, later seasons will have to go on without him. But no worries, Naley and Brooke NEVER leave us!

Ok, so in this one, like I said, Lucas never makes an appearance. Haley says that he told her he and Karen were just going to get in the car and drive. Sounds reasonable.

The episode revolves around a basketball tournament. In order to keep their season alive and make the playoffs, the Ravens have to WIN the tournament. His rival from High Flyers, Damian West, thinks that the Ravens can’t win without their shooting guard, Lucas. Um, once again, I can’t believe this keeps happening to Nathan. Dear EVERYBODY, NOBODY scores more points than NATHAN. He ends up making dunks, layups, threes, and free throws. He can score points from ANYWHERE on the court. Again, years and years will pass and NO ONE will have scored more points for the Tree Hill basketball team than Nathan. So, quit thinking he needs help with that. Thanks. 

They do win the tournament thanks to the hubris of teenage boys. Nathan makes the winning free throw. He doesn’t even look at the basket! Dan doesn’t get to see the shot because Nathan and Deb have a restraining order against him. Wahwah. He misses this even though his tough coaching of Nathan as a little boy is why Nathan can even make the shot without looking. He waits for Nathan outside and tells him that he’s proud of him and his life decisions. Creeper!

Also at the game, Cooper sees Rachel cheerleading and realizes that she’s not 26, but in HIGH SCHOOL! He’s not into that and tells her as much, but then she starts taking off his clothes and he’s a man, so…they do it. Oh, Coop! They make Brooke spend the entire episode with Mouth. Ugh.

Peyton is in Savannah with Jake. It turns out that Nikki’s not so bad and her parents love her more than Jake’s parents love him. Tired of their childish shennanigan, the petitioned and were awarded custody of Jenny for a year in hopes that Jenny’s parents would stop being nincanpoops! They are really Zzzzz…and I spend most of the their storyline thinking that this Jake guy really needs to SHUT UP! He even “sings” in a band. Ugh. And then at the end, Peyton asks Jake to marry her. Whaaaa? Hahahaha. Roll credits.

This is actually a really fun episode and stands on its own, I think. Nathan, as one of the brothers can carry the show and it’s fun to watch him and Haley support each other and stuff. Haley, our lil’ scrapper, even shoves Damian West during the game after he knocks Nathan down on purpose. He pushes her back and then she goes at him again and then Nathan and then Nathan pulls him away. It’s awesome! Don’t mess with Naley! Poor Brooke had to be saddled with Mouth’s awfulness and poor Peyton had to be subjected to Jake once again. Ugh.

Until next time…tooda loos!