August 5, 2016

It’s official…I’m 100% as obsessed with this show as I was back when it aired. And it’s all the fault of Netflix and YouTube. They make it to easy to abuse nice things. This show is like a mythical fantasy show posing as a teen drama. The world building is top notch. I just can’t even…

So this episode is super sweet and cute…if you only pay attention to Nathan and Haley. If you pay attention to Brooke and Lucas and Peyton and Jake, then it’s so full of drama you just want to punch someone.

Rachel: She spends the whole episode desperately trying to get in touch with Cooper. She’s AWFUL!

Peyton: Comes back to town to drum up some trouble. Jake rejects her proposal because she said she loves Lucas in her sleep. Haha. Jake talks a lot all angsty. Shut up, Jake.

Hi, I’m Peyton. I like to ruin lives. Wanna be my friend?

Brooke: Makes Haley a dress. Well, she makes 2 dresses. She also organizes a greatest hits of Naley moments with a twist for their rehearsal dinner. It’s very fun until Peyton kinda ruins it.

Nathan: He has gone from a dum dum to a really really sweet dum dum who is OBSESSED with Haley. In this episode he doesn’t really do a whole lot other than advise Haley on some issues and go pick up Peyton after her car breaks down. Marcus from the Tutor Center is the tow truck driver. He dropped out of school after the what happened. Nathan invites him to the party and he goes. Haley says she’ll tutor him if he wants to go back to school. He thanks them for seeing him as someone who can change. He was a super jerk before. Haley says something weird. We will never see or hear of Marcus again.

Haley: She has an issue with the dress Brooke made her. It’s pretty awful, but mostly it’s just not Haley. Brooke takes serious offense but they get over it and apologize to each other. Haley takes what Marcus from the Tutor Center said and applies it to Dan who had visited her earlier at the Cafe. She goes to the beach house and invites him to the wedding.

Lucas: He and Karen spend most of the episode driving back to Tree Hill. They had visited colleges. Karen was trying to get Lucas right again. She says he doesn’t have to worry about money to pay for college because she found out that Keith has a college fund already setup for him. He thinks he wants to study literature at NC State since he can’t play basketball without dying anymore. He makes it to show though to play Nathan in a couple of the skits.

At the end Peyton tells Brooke that she thinks she still has feelings for Lucas. Brooke takes it about as well as you would imagine. She will remain insecure from this point forward all the way into like season mid season 7ish I think. I don’t know, but it’s years before she mentally gets over the carnage of the Peyton/Lucas saga inflicted on her in high school. Brooke does end up making Haley a beautiful and much simpler dress out of the fabric she was going to use for Karen’s dress and turned into Naley’s bedspread. Um, it’s beautiful, but I hope she washed it first! I’m sure other stuff happens, but that’s the only stuff that matters. Core 5, UNITE!

You be the judge!

Until next time…tooda loos!