Augus 6, 2016

This episode is jampacked!


Wow, the number of people in the world has changed.

Oh, Nathan had a nightmare! He thinks Haley’s in danger. He sees her drowning. I think they are introducing supernatural stuff!

He’s even more worried because Haley says they can’t see each other until the wedding. Lucas goes to check on her for him. So sweet, brothers 🙂

Dan and Deb at Keith’s grave. Ugh. Come clean, Deb. Come clean!

Ew, they’ve saddles Hales with the Sunkist shirt. She’s there to ask Karen if it’s ok to wear the dress made out of the wedding dress material that was for Karen’s dress. Karen says that Haley is the best thing since sliced bread, ’cause she is and they hug!

Brooke and Peyton in Gloom Town. Brooke claims to have slept in her car. I would sympathize with Brooke, but I don’t. Ooo, she slapped Peyton! I don’t like that she’s so mad at Peyton over some boy.

Brooke is busy. She’s setting up the wedding reception and telling Lucas not to talk to Peyton. Oops, says she’s late…for the wedding. But I thinks she’s giving thinks she’s preggers vibes. Lucas is non-plussed by everything.

Oh, Chasing Cars!

Nathan sitting inbetween his parents in a limo. Awkward!

Rachel, Coop doesn’t want you! Stop being pathetic! You’re behavior right now is why he doesn’t want to be mixed up with a child.

Dan helping Lucas tie his bow tie. Awkward!

Karen implies to Deb to let Dan continue thinking it’s Keith so that he doesn’t come after Deb. Neither one likes the idea of it though.

Nathan can’t get over his nightmare and Lucas called Haley. Oh, they’re are using the phone like a walkie talkie. Funny. Oh, there she is in a horse drawn carriage. So pretty. Nathan looks so goofy. Awww.

Awww, Lucas calls her a princess. Buddy scene! Loves it. Her parents are not attending. Lucas says he’ll give her away if she wants. But he says only symbolically because he can never really give away his best friend.

Ugh, Brooke buddying up with Rachel. Bad idea, Brooke, BAD IDEA!

Peyton says not to talk to her if Brooke doesn’t want him to. He then tells her she looks nice. Lucas, you are a cad. So cute though!

Famous singer lady. Michelle Featherston. Couldn’t sing a song of hers then, can’t now. No idea who she is.

Awww, everybody looks so pretty coming down the aisle! It’s an outdoors wedding. Good thing the weather held up! She’s wearing her Crackerjack bracelet. They wrote their own vows again and they are super sweet. ALWAYS & FOREVER! OMG, he got her a new ring! It has like diamonds or something. Awwwww! Dan claps funny.

Ooo, snap, Deb just rejected Dan and told him she’s the one that tried to kill him. Haha. Who’s the loser now, Dan? DEVIL!

I’m sorry, but I think Brooke is in the wrong here because um, yeah. Peyton’s no saint, but she’s making better points than Brooke.

Haha, a regular and still relegated to just being a DJ for the episode. Naley’s first dance is to Gavin DeGraw’s More than Anyone. Haley says she hoped it would be and Nathan says he had a little help. It’s because he did. We voted on it. Forgot what the other two choices were, but Gavin is always the obvious choice in those days especially when it comes to this show!

Dan goes to Keith’s grave and cries. Now we know why Nathan’s such a dum dum.

Haha, Lucas tells Brooke about the second kiss in the library thinking she already knows. Idiot.

Rachel steals a bottle of champagne because Coop is ignoring her all day. Mouth has sad face. Mouth’s and idiot and Rachel is AWFUL!

Lucas and Brooke argue in the dressing area. Brooke’s really annoying. I guess the trouble in paradise has started with CMM and Sophia so they have to figure out a way to break these two up in a dumb and quick way. Yeah, I agree that he should show her he loves her more than he just says it all the time. Good acting by SB, but really, I can’t believe they’ve made Brooke this way.

Lucas gives a great speech about how Naley has loads of unconditional love. They totes do. He looks super hot, despite what my little sister says! Brooke gives an ok speech that quotes Shakespeare. It’s good. SPOILER ALERT: Better than the one Haley gives at Brooke’s wedding!

Dan apologizing to Karen about treating her poorly. She says she’s pregnant. She’s terrified of him, but then she lets him hug her and he says that he’s going to be there for her this time. Umm…

Coop gives a sweet toast. Then Rachel gets up and is AWFUL! She does this funny bit throwing the champagne out of the glass though, I love it. Everybody’s reaction is pretty funny too. He chases her outside and she steals the limo and he jumps in as she drives away. They stop on the side of the road and he talks to her about how he wasn’t even looking for something serious. He convinces her to go back to the reception and they’ll pretend it never happened.

Nathan and Haley go to get in their limo, but instead they get to take Lucas’s sweet ride. They are going to London for a few days because it rains there. Sexytimes!

Brooke breaks it to Mouth that Rachel is still AWFUL! She and Lucas dance and he assures her that he missed her while he was gone. She is SO insecure, it doesn’t look good on her. It’s partly his fault, but she’ll get over it eventually.


Nathan and Haley are driving and they are so super sweet! She puts the bracelet on his wrist. That’s IMPORTANT! Peyton and Lucas are left and Karen comes to pick up Lucas so Peyton is left ALONE. Karen and Lucas go to pick up her stuff from the dressing area. Lucas finds a pregnancy test in her purse and he asks if she’s pregnant. She says she is, but that’s not her purse. They think it must be Brooke’s. See, Brooke made everyone the same purse as a wedding gift. Brooke is packing up her stuff out of Gloom Town. Peyton doesn’t want her to go, but she can’t convince her to stay. Brooke says their friendship is over! Sad face. It’s ok, best friends go through that. Fact.

Rachel is still trying to convince Cooper to stay with her. He says no. She says she has something to tell him. Haley realizes she forgot her purse that has their tickets and money. Nathan calls Lucas and Lucas is already on his way with all the purses. They are going to meet on the bridge. Haley cheerily says she has something to tell Nathan.

Whatever Rachel told Coop he doesn’t believe her. Rachel wants to pull over but he won’t so she grabs the wheel. Naley is coming from the opposite direction and they swerve and Coop swerves off the bridge into the lake. Nathan jumps in after them. He probably shouldn’t’ve jumped in head first, he doesn’t know how deep that water is!

Dan walks into his house and someone has painted MURDERER on his wall. Scary!

Haley is freaking out on the bridge. Nathan is in the car but is struggling to do anything in the water and Coop and Rachel are unconscious or dead, idk. I do know, but you have to wait and see. The bracelet is floating in the water. Roll credits.

So, which one of the girls is preggers?

Until next time…tooda loos!