August 7, 2016

My name is Lucas Scott. I am starting my novel today. At least I think it’s a novel. I fully intend to write it as a memoir though. I fully intend on writing a fictional account of Tree Hill without changing the stories or the names of any of my friends. Yay.


Well, if you remember, my best friend Haley’s husband jumped into some water from a bridge to go save people from a car that went off of the bridge. When my mom and I found her on the bridge, Nathan was still underwater. Or so we thought. I went into the water because we saw Coop’s body float up and thought it might be Nathan’s. But it wasn’t and I guess while she was calling the police, Nathan washed up onto the bank with Rachel because that’s where we found him.

Now we are at the hospital waiting to see if Nathan is going to be all right. Get this, I think that’s why they call it a waiting room. What, did I really just say that? Yeah, I did, whatchu gon’ do ’bout it?

Nathan is fine and decides to spend the rest of the day being weird and not telling anybody why he’s being weird, even Haley. Hmmm.


Oh, yeah, I went ahead and called Dan because he’s mine and Nathan’s dad and he should know. Oh, look, he’s wiping the MURDERER off of his wall. Eventually, he’ll just paint over it. Smart. Of course, while he’s at the hospital, he does himself no favors by threatening his ex wife Deb, Nathan’s mom. He does this because she’s the one that tried to kill him and now he’s really angry. Ugh, learn Dan, learn. This drives Deb to fall off the wagon and break out her secret stash of pills that she washes down with some booze. Dang, she just got out of rehab!

Dan is really weird though. He’s also in love with my mom and is trying to weasel his way back into her life. She’s pregnant and vulnerable after Keith died. I worry that Dan might wear her down and she might actually let him back into her life. Nooooo! He’s a creeper.

Skills asked me if I would put a good word in for him with Whitey. He wants to see if he can get a spot on the team as shooting guard now that I won’t be playing in the post season due to my HCM. He wants to go to college and maybe he can scrounge up a last minute basketball scholarship. I am more than happy to help him out!


My girlfriend broke up with me today. The second she told me she no longer missed me, I knew it was over and I couldn’t think of a single thing to say to change her mind. I’m surprised and not surprised. I mean, I did spend the whole day with her best friend, Peyton after I left Haley and Nathan at the hospital. Nathan’s going to be fine. I claim that I called Brooke, but she never called me back. She was getting a few things for Rachel’s stay at the hospital. Yeah, no one ever says why Rachel is still roaming the hospital as a patient. She’s not being hooked up to anything and no one comes in to check any vitals. She’s just there to be pathetic over Coop who is unconscious at the moment. Ugh, Rachel, NO means NO! She does offer a room in her house to Brooke since Brooke is now homeless after leaving Gloom Town for good. Ugh, another season of the Rachel character, I know. Sorry. And yeah, Mouth is a regular now, but his character just stalks Rachel and acts all holier than thou. Zzzz….

My BFF, Haley, doesn’t like Rachel AT ALL! She goes back to the hospital to check on an unconscious Coop and finds Rachel in his room. She blames everything on Rachel and tells Rachel to stay away from them. Yeah, she gave Rachel a good talking to and called her out on her crap. Someone has to! It does get tiresome to see Rachel get away with a lot of crap that would totes get me and Haley crapped on if we pulled those stunts. Rachel acts like she’s going to reflect and make a few changes to clean up her act, but I doubt it’s genuine. She’s annoying. But she is still a minor and that creeper detective roaming around is inappropriately threatening her. He should not be talking to her. And what kind of detective work is that, anyway? He’s just bullying and intimidating Rachel. Makes no sense. Where did he come from anyway?

Peyton found a letter in one of the albums Ellie gave her. It’s from her brother, Derek. That’s right, she has a brother now! He’s the son of her bio dad, not Ellie.


That is me writing my novel or memoir. Not sure what it will be classified as yet. But I’m sure it’s going to be awesome! After this I plan on going to Gloom Town to visit Peyton. She’s the reason my girlfriend broke up with me even though Peyton is just a friend! Who am I kidding? Myself, I think. Oh, looks like WATCHMEWATCHU is back on IM. Dun dun dun? Her webcam is on too. Dang it, Peyton, dang it.

Well, is your world like One Tree Hill world? Do you recognize yourself in any of these people?

Until next time…tooda loos!