August 8, 2016

So, I trusted Lucas and he forgot a couple of things yesterday. 1. Nathan is sneaking out at night to go to the bridge and stare at the water. 2. Brooke went to go get Haley and take her to the after hours clinic I guess. One of them is pregs! Which one?! Phew, thanks previouslies, Lucas really blew it!

Nathan is nightmaring on the ground by the bridge. What a nut!

Lucas is talking to Peyton in Gloom Town still. Peyton is trying to see if Lucas knows the full story of why Brooke would breakup with him, but then the power goes out. OMG, he is such a tease. Haha, he says he’s going to get her back and Peyton is all, really, ’cause um…but then the power goes back on. It’s midnight? Peyton says it’s Brooke’s birthday. She’s 18 now…dun dun dun.

Oh, Haley slept on the couch. Nathan walks into the apartment in the morning and says he went to go see Cooper. Ugh. Haley says she saw Rachel grab the wheel and says if Coop doesn’t wake up, Rachel’s to blame. She totes is, but Nathan isn’t interested in all of that. He prefers to stay mysterious and just ask Hales if she saw anything else in the water. She says, nope, no one besides him and Lucas and Rachel and Coop. Phone rings, Coops awake!

The detective is now in Coop’s room to ask a few questions. Ugh, Rachel really shouldn’t be there without a guardian present! Coop takes the blame for the accident to keep Rachel out of trouble. Ugh, she should have to suffer some consequences for being AWFUL! She admits that she’s not actually preggers. Now he really wants nothing to do with her. All she’s done is lie to him since they met and she’s confused why he doesn’t want her.

Haha, Dan’s hearing things. What’s in the package? Idk.

Skills and Luke at the River Court. Lucas still insists he loves Brooke. Sorry, Chad, ya blew it. Ooo, Peyton shows up. What does she want? She asks him who he wants standing next to him during the greatest moment of his life. It can be anybody. He says Brooke and Peyton says she’ll help him get her back.

Skills and Rachel are now on the opening titles as regulars. Ugh, go away, Rachel!

Subjecting Skills to Gloom Town. Peyton tells Lucas that she tried calling her half brother but she hung up when he answered. Oh, this episode was written by the creator. So, her big plan to get Brooke back. She says that for Brooke’s birthday they go to a store in the mall and Brooke picks out of gift and Peyton steals it for her. But reall she and her dad pay for the gift later, they are friends with the manager and have an understanding for this particular occasion. She says that Lucas can go in her stead this year. She thinks there will be hope for bother her and Lucas if Brooke shows to keep up the 9 year tradition.

Rachel walks in to see Brooke with a pillow under her shirt like she’s pregowego. She says she’s working on a maternity line. Is she pregnant? Maybe. She notices Rachel has flowers and thinks they are for her for her birthday. Um, Brooke, Rachel just got out of the hospital, where people would normally get flowers. Rachel says that the flowers are from her parents for not dying in the accident. So unloved. She’s still AWFUL!


OMG, Deb is totally high and is about to ruin the Cafe’s reputation. Poor Haley has to deal with it. Her hair looks cool!

Nathan is at the hospital visiting Coop. He’s being so weird. Now he’s telling Coop that he didn’t even save him, he couldn’t even save himself. Coop tells him that no matter what he says, he know Nathan saved him. He says all that matters is that they both survived.

Peyton is sitting in front of that dang camera in Gloom Town. She calls Derek, but when she tries to explain who she is, he says not to call again and hangs up.

Whitey’s tire is flat and Lucas conveniently shows up to give him a ride. He takes him to the River Court to watch Skills play. Whitey is still bent out of shape about Lucas flattening his tire. He won’t even watch Skills. Sometimes Whitey is annoying. We’ll see what happens.

Back at the Cafe, Brooke comes to see Haley. They talk in code about being the only two to know about the pregnancy. No Hales, I’m pretty sure the biggest fight you and Nathan ever had was you going on tour. Innyway, Haley has to get back because Deb is cray right now. They remain cryptic as to which one of them is pregnant. A gun falls out of Deb’s purse and goes off in the Cafe. OMG, Deb, OMG.

Dan is feeling guilty guilty guilty about killing Keith.

Rachel, NO means NO. Cooper has left town. She apologizes to Nathan and says she’s going to find a way to thank him which her being AWFUL I’m sure is going out be inapropro thanks. She kisses him on the cheek and says he has Cooper’s eyes. OMG. Nathan is used to girls hitting on him and he has other things on his mind.

Back in Gloom Town. Jeez. She is recording a new podcast about havign a half brother now. Zzz…

Karen is throwing out Lucas’s old crib. Haley shows some interest in it even though it is in pieces in the trash. Hmmm…Karen says it was third hand 17 years ago and Haley backs off. Translation, these days that thing would be a deathtrap! Fact. They have a heart to heart about being pregs at 17. Karen asks if she knows if Brooke is pregnant. Haley says she doesn’t know. And then she takes her inside to talk about Deb. Is Dan stalking Karen?


Back at the Cafe, Karen goes to talk to Deb. Ouch Deb, don’t be so mean about Haley. Boo. She tells Karen she needs the gun for protection and Karen wants her to hand it over. She refuses and the Karen grabs for the back, but this time pills fall out. Karen yells at her. Karen threatens to dissolve the partnership if Deb doesn’t go to rehab. Deb calls her bluff. Karen is sad face.

Lucas goes to visit Nathan at the apartment. Nathan is being just as cryptic as his wife. Ugh, children! He wants Lucas to tell him what happened at the bridge. Nathan remembers panicking in the car and getting trapped and thinks somebody saved him. Lucas assures him there was no one else there to get him out of the car. Nathan thinks he saw Keith and that’s who saved everybody. Totally plausible. Fact.

Peyton and Lucas are sitting outside of the mall in her car. He tells her about what Nathan said. He says Keith’s dead. So he doesn’t buy it. Well, they are introducing spiritual supernatural stuff through Nathan. Peyton seems disappointed by Lucas’s attitude. They change subjects. He thinks Peyton should be the one to go in after all since she and Brooke have a lifelong friendship to patch up. She sees having Lucas go in as a bday pressie for Brooke.

Back at the apartment Haley tells Nathan about what happened at the Cafe and that his mom has a gun. He’s concerned, but he has to go to the River Court to train and get his knee back working. He doesn’t want to take care of his parents’ crazy right now. Haley understands.

Dan goes to see Karen at Casa de Squints. She says he’s never gonna be the guy that will be there for her. Then he brings in Lucas’s crib. He took it out of the tash and refurbished it. He so lurves her. He leaves.

Rachel and Brooke are at a club. Brooke is bummed she’s not out with Peyton. Um, Brooke, that’s one you. She’s talking to Rachel. Zzz…

Lucas and Peyton wait in the mall, but Brooke never shows and the mall is closing. They walk out together. Lucas stole something. He puts his arm around her and they are laughing. Of course Brooke sees this and jumps to conclusions! Ugh.

Lucas and Peyton stay in the parking lot in her car and talk. They exchange best birthday ever stories. She offers to drive by Rachel’s to see if Brooke is there. He says no, he does his best healing at the River Court. He’s so cheesey. His voiceover talks about finding yourself at a crossroads. Lucas finds Whitey watching Skills at the River Court. Whitey says he’s going to put Skills on the team. Yay!

Peyton goes home and a strange man on her porch says he’s her brother.

Oh, Lucas is writing more of his “novel”.

Brooke is looking at a photo album. Rachel brings her a cupcake with a candle. Rachel is looking at a pic of Nathan on her camera. Ugh, Rachel, he’s taken. Plus, he’s obsessed with his wife, so, yeah, wasting your time!


Haley finds Nathan by the bridge. She says she found the basketball at home so she knew he didn’t actually go to the River Court. He says he was hoping she’d figure it out. She needs him to talk to her. He says he just doesn’t understand what happened enough to let her in. She says they’ll get through it together, she’s not going anywhere.

I don’t feel sorry for Brooke. She’s no different than Nathan in Season 2 and half of Season 3. For reals. Roll credits.

Haha, is highlighted by Hilarie Burton at the end of the episode. I like how they kept the stuff a the end. Not all shows do that.

Until next time…tooda loos!