August 9, 2016

Ok, the Olympics are on and I had a very stressful day…let’s make this one quick.


-Lucas’s hair is SUPER blonde. I think this is done on purpose for…reasons.

-Peyton gets to know her brother Derek. She gives him the Peyton Angel of Death pic Ellie drew. He says he’ll find a special place for it. Coughonhisbackcough. And he might be a stalker.

-Brooke tells Rachel to back off Nathan because he’s married to Haley and husband stealing is wrong.

-Haley tells Nathan that he needs to let her in even if it’s about him having feelings for Rachel.

-Nathan doesn’t have feelings for Rachel. Like I’ve mentioned before, Nathan is used to girls being into him, it’s no big thing to him. He’s more concerned about thinking he was rescued by Keith in the water. He tells Haley the thing about Keith and that he loves only her. He has also retrieved The Bracelet out of the water.

-Mouth overhears Rachel and Brooke arguing after the big house party. Rachel thinks Brooke is pregnant.

-Skills does great in his debut as a Raven. The team wins their first game of the playoffs.

-Haley confronts Lucas at the playoff game after party at Rachel’s house about kissing Peyton in the Library. Lucas says she should talk, she wasn’t even dying when she kissed Chris Keller. And that’s why Lucas and Haley are friends. Later they apologize to each other and Haley says she hates Rachel. That’s what she’s really mad about anyway. Lucas starts to defend Rachel, but he gets the signal from Haley and agrees to hate her too. And that’s why they are best friends. They promise to remain friends no matter what. Loves it!

-Karen is concerned Lucas won’t be able to leave the game behind in a healthy way. She goes to Dan as the resident expert on being unable to let anything go. Dan says he can’t answer for Lucas. She thanks him for the crib. Run, Karen, ruuuuuun!


-Dan is still being haunted by little boy ghost Keith. He tries to make a deal with the ghost, but the ghost says Dan knows the only way to make him go away. They show a gun sitting on Dan’s table in the middle of the room. I would like to think that Keith would not want Dan to kill himself. I’m pretty sure he just wants the truth to set Dan free.

-Rachel is a mess. She takes the plaque for valor given to Nathan for saving the people in the river out of the trash at the party and snuggles up with it like a teddy bear at bed time. OMG, Rachel, have some self respect! I fear there is no hope for her.

-To mirror last season, Lucas goes up to Brooke at the party while she is talking to a group of guys and squints that he’s not the guy for her.

-I really like Season 4. Season 3 is probably the best season, but Season 4 is pretty funny both intentionally and unintentionally, so I like it the best. At least so far. Honestly, I don’t remember Seasons 5-9 all that well, but I think I might appreciate them now that I am older. We’ll see.

Until next time…tooda loos!