August 10, 2016

After overhearing Peyton and Nathan at the party, Rachel decides to tell Nathan she saw Keith too. Because Rachel is AWFUL!

Rachel, being AWFUL!, has also spread a rumor around school that Brooke is pregnant. This sheds light on a club called the Clean Teens. One of the group’s members, Shelly, won’t leave Brooke alone and tells Brooke she should have the baby. Brooke later discovers it’s because Shelly has had an abortion and wasn’t happy about it. Brooke feels bad for Shelly.


Brooke tells Haley that she can’t pretend anymore. All of this at TRIC where Lupe Fiasco is performing. Um, I don’t know who that is still.

The whole episode Lucas is noticing that there’s something off about Derek. He pretty much tells Peyton that Derek is a creeper. Peyton tells Lucas not to ruin this for her! Oh, Peyton. She tells Derek that she is going to tell Lucas how she really feels about him. She leaves the room and Derek is obvy upset by this. He plots.

Nathan has gotten a motorcycle because his dum dum brain is in crisis. His mother went from being Deb to being some off putting loony toon. She’s back at it with the pills and the drinking and they stage an intervention. The people there are Karen, Nathan, Haley, and….Dan. Now, why the frick would they invite Dan to the intervention? He’s pretty much the catalyst for her falling off the wagon. I know that she tried to kill him and all, but he ACTUALLY killed Keith, so maybe he can see things from her perspective and call bygones.

So Nathan shows up to school on a motorcycle and Haley is not happy. Then in class, Deb walks in and demands her pills back. He says it’s either the pills or him and she says she’s not leaving without the pills. Whaaa? Nathan, STOP with the ultimatums. You lose like everytime! So, he has an accident on the way home from school and Haley tells him to get rid of the motorcycle and get the car back while she goes to talk to his mother at Casa de Scott. I have no idea how she got there unless she took a bus and then did some walking. Innyway, she tells Deb to stay out of Nathan’s life. Deb says just wait until all of her dreams die and Nathan thinks college basketball is more fun than being married to Haley. Bite your tongue, Deb! Haley says she’s never going to be like Deb. To which Deb answers she’ll save Haley some pills. Haley, non-plussed says that junkies don’t save pills. Deb has no comeback for Haley has spoken fact.

At TRIC, the rumor mill is strong and it takes no time for even Nathan to find out that Brooke is pregnant. Nathan tells Haley that Lucas’s life is over and Brooke’s, and how could they not have heeded the argument they overheard them having over brith control. This mentality does not sit well with Haley.

Also at TRIC, Karen is behind the bar and Deb shows up and orders a drink. Karen gives the bartender a signal not to give Deb anything to drink. Karen tells Deb she’s sorry about the intervention thing, but they care about her or some such. Deb says she understands tough love. And then she proceeds to throw everything back in Karen’s face by telling her that even though their partnership is dissolved, she is still the majority owner of TRIC and Karen can see her way to the door now. Whaaaa?

After the show at TRIC, Peyton’s jacket from Ellie is missing. Lucas asks her what Derek said Lucas said the other night. See, Peyton believes that Lucas said he would never talk to her again if Brooke would take him back. Uh, Peyton, yeah right Lucas said that! Silly! Lucas is all, of course I so did NOT say that! Come on, Peyton, this is the guy whose girlfriend just broke up with him in large part because of you and the first thing he does is go to your house!

Haley goes to see Lucas at Casa de Squints later that night. She tells Lucas that it’s not Brooke that’s pregnant, it’s her! Haley is pregowego, y’all! Lucas softens up at this news.  She tells Lucas that she’s scared because Nathan’s been working really hard and having a baby changes things. Lucas gives her a hug and tells her that Nathan isn’t Dan and that this kid is going to have the best uncle ever because he’s learned from the best.

Speaking of Dan. He goes to see the therapist from Deb’s botched intervention. He tells the lady that he killed his brother. He of course spins it to mean that he let Keith go back into the building. His guilt consumes him. He’s also totes still in love with Karen and is totally making a play. Karen, still in a daze of grief might be falling for it! Run, Karen, run!

Also, Whitey and Karen both want Lucas to play for the Ravens again. She talked to the doctor and he said that while there are some risks, Lucas can still play ball if he takes his meds and plays 15 minutes a game. He’ll no longer be a starter, but he get to play. Lucas says he doesn’t want to. Ugh, Lucas. Dan talks to him later at the River Court about how playing could be the best thing for him or some such. Seriously, what is with people sending Dan to talk to Deb and Lucas? They HATE him! He pretty much tells Dan to shove it.

After TRIC, we find out that Derek is the one that stole Peyton’s jacket. He has hired a prostitute to dress up like Peyton. He’s nuts and kinky. He has also gotten the drawing of Peyton from Ellie tattooed on his back. Dun dun dun. Roll credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!