August 11, 2016

Had a really looooong day at work so here’s the long and short of it.

Brooke gets to tell people she’s not the one that’s pregnant. Rachel makes a profile for Brooke on the website where she met Cooper. Brooke doesn’t know Rachel did that until she’s out with Rachel and is told that’s why they are at a particular club. The date claims to be a model. Brooke’s profile lists her as 23. He’s actually a teacher at Tree Hill High, only she doesn’t know that yet. Poor Cooper, he didn’t stand a chance meeting a non-liar through that website!

Dan is still seeing things. He thinks he sees Genesis 4:10 on the wall in his office. Later Whitey mentions it and Dan realizes that the painting on the wall is actually real! Dun dun dun.

Nathan gets a call from Duke University saying he has a full ride to play basketball. Haley hears the news and blurts out that she’s pregnant. Nathan can’t even and leaves to see Rachel because she called. He gets to Rachel’s and she’s trying to seduce and of course he’s all, whatevs. He starts talking to her like she’s a friend or something and tells her Haley’s pregnant. She stops her shenanigans immediately. She actually says some pretty nice things. Then as he’s leaving, she asks him if she had a chance if Haley wasn’t pregnant. He says, “Not for a second.” Later Nathan has a press conference for the news of his scholarship. Nope, NOBODY from Duke is there, nor any sort of written proof that someone wasn’t just crank calling him. He’s about to announce he’s signing with Duke, but then shocks everybody by repeating everything that Haley wanted him to say to her. Haley is watching from Casa de Squints from Karen and totally falls for the smooth talkin’ Nathan throws down. Smooth talkin’ Nathan, gets her everytime.

Peyton finally believes Lucas that Derek is a nut. It leads to finding actual Derek. And it leads to Peyton’s life becoming a scary movie as she is chased through her house by Stalker Derek. It’s crazy!

That’s pretty much everybody’s storylines in a nutshell!

Gotta cut it short. Falling asleep!


Until next time…tooda loos!