August 12, 2016

Another long day at work. This time we were out of town!

Previouslies…oh, yeah, that Nick guy thinks Brooke’s name is Peyton. Haha!

Peyton won’t leave the house and has actually started locking her doors! That poser is still out there. SCARY!

Nathan doesn’t want to go to his dad for money. He’ll get a job after basketball. Oh, bye bike. Thought it was paid in full? Guess not!


Oh snap! Nick is the English teacher. Haha, he sees Brooke and calls her Peyton and Peyton says “Here” and raises her hand. Haha. Loves it. This show is awesome! Brooke, stop hanging out with Rachel!

I thought she couldn’t reach her dad. Thought she did try to call him. She should call her dad! Oh, Lucas asked Whitey if he can play again. He didn’t really have to ask though, just agree with Whitey and Karen. Ugh. Awww, the stalke wins. Peyton, noooooo!

Why is Nathan walking alone?! Trouble has come to Tree Hill. Guy must’ve heard it’s a lawless town!

Oooo, Whitey can quote scripture. Genesis 4:10 is referencing Cain and Abel. Whitey is now suspicious I think. Dan has cut his hair! Lookin’ good, killah! Too soon?

Ugh, I really DO NOT dig these shows that have the teacher and student having an affair. I know it happens, but EW! Plus, there’s just something about this guy I find gross!

Awww, the River Court boys playing a pick up game in the Raven’s gym. So sweet, even Whitey thinks so!

Poor Haley, all of her hard work and she’s having of the money troubles. Karen offers her more hours. Karen, just give her some money!

Rachel is always calling people fat. I hate it. Brooke’s sneaking around with her teacher. Ugh.

Peyton staying with Lucas. But not like that. The real Derek is like a marine and won’t call her back. Well, that was a hell of an intro!

Oh, Rick Fox is Tree Hill alumni. He got Nathan’s car back for him. Dante…Dante is trouble dum dum. Throw those keys in the river!

Lucas going to see Derek on base. Lucas has no life, but Peyton. Um, that psycho handed your ass to you, Derek. Just sayin’!

Haley and Brooke are talking outside the bus before the next playoff game. Nice. Brooke asks about Peyton. Haley tells Brooke about a message left for her at the apartment about styling a fashion show. Lucas got a New Jersey. It’s the #22! That’s my jersey number! Oh, it’s Keith’s number too. Sweet. Whitey and Lucas are so CHEESEY! Ravens advance!

Poor Haley, all Nathan has to do is worry about basketball. Haley has to work extra shifts at the cafe, cheerlead, AND make good grades! She doesn’t get enough credit. They advance another game.

I’m sorry, but a teacher leaning over a student like that is inapropro! It’s class time!

The Ravens advance again. Dante and his bouncer are at all of the games. Dun dun dun.

Sad face. Haley and Nathan’s power just went out. Haley says to talk to his dad. This hurts Haley. Nathan goes the next day to talk to Dan who denies him. Dan’s going to regret this.


Whoa, Haley looks beat! She goes to the Cafe and tells Karen she doesn’t think she can have the baby. She’s about to totes lose it! Karen, a pep talk about your hard knocks is not goin got help Haley’s situation. Give her some money! Poor Hales.

Peyton does NOT wear those underwear. No ways! Peyton’s brother shows up at Casa de Squints. Lucas and Skills leave. Peyton and Derek talk. Zzz…He takes her to the base. They talk and talk. He says their dad is pretty much a deadbeat and abandoned him and his mom. He pep talks Peyton.

Brooke is working on a dress for a show. She’s using Nick as her mannequin or something. Zzz…


Derek takes Peyton to a boxing ring. He gets her to start hitting him to get the victim out of her or something. She flashes on all the crap that’s happened to her lately. I still can’t believe she got head butted and flew onto her bed, but she didn’t get knocked out and no mark was left.

Nathan gets home and the power is back on. He says he took care of it. Haley thinks Dan helped. He doesn’t correct her. He’s a dum dum. Nathan is playing at the River Court and thanks Dante for the help. Oh, dum dum. He’s going to want something.

Derek drops Peyton off in Gloom Town. She has painted her whole room white. He breaks it to her that he can’t be the one there for her. Her hair looks really good. As Derek leaves Lucas is making his way up the walk. He tells Lucas to let her alone for the night. He can’t keep babying her. Derek is going to watch over from the outside. But shhh! Lucas give meaningful squint towards Peyton’s window. Peyton turns the light out in her room. Roll credits. Zzz…

‘Gotta go watch beach volleyball. It’s the Olympics! Go Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross!

Until next time…tooda loos!