August 13, 2016

Well, I’ve reflected on this one all day. It isn’t the greatest offering. I don’t like how separate their storylines are getting. I like when the gang gets to interact.

Well, this episode tries its darnedest to debase Haley. She babysits two little kids and it doesn’t go well at all. YEAH, RIGHT! She would totally be someone who would do well at babysitting. Karen sees Haley at the game with the kids and gives her some wise advice about childcare. But she doesn’t give her any money so Karen is still pretty useless. Whatever.

Nathan continues to be a dum dum and reluctantly agrees to make sure the Ravens win their game by less than 10 in order to pay off his $1500 debt. Dante is a total creeper skeezing around the River Court. Lucas and Skills see Nathan talking to Dante and that’s how Lucas knows that Dante is in the stands for more than just watching the game. Nathan tells Lucas what’s going on at 1/2 time. At the end of the game Lucas has to purposely miss two free throws in order to help his brother. He hates doing it and let’s Nathan know later that he’ll always be there for him, but NEVER AGAIN!

Lucas is super busy because he bounces everywhere. He also checks in on Peyton who hasn’t been to school in a week. Thanks to their living in a lawless town there are no consequences for this. Peyton does continue to be afraid of her own shadow. Derek continues to help her work through the trauma. Zzz…

Rachel figures out that Nick is no goodnicks. Brooke doesn’t believe her until she finds him with Caridee from America’s Next Top Model. They are broken up now, YAY!

Deb can’t even function now. She goes to the doctor for a backache that doesn’t exist in order to scam some painkillers. She ends up forging a prescription and then getting arrested at the pharmacy which makes the local news. Dan offers to bail her out and get her out of any real consequences if she signs TRIC back over to Karen. She ends up agreeing…but VERY RELUCTANTLY! Dan gives the paperwork to Karen at the game. She accepts his offering, but she’s not happy about it or some such.

Dan’s looking might fine in this episode.

The Ravens are going to the State Championship game!

Ok, I think that hit all of the important stuff!



Until next time…tooda loos!