August 14, 2016

Previously, Haley got accepted to Duke. Of course she did!

This episode is basically the calm before the storm. After this, a mountain of crazy starts and I can’t wait!

So, Nathan got involved with some really bad dudes who don’t play fair. Dante wants Nathan to make sure that the Ravens lose the State Championship. Nathan is all, No waysykins! And Dante is all, You better or else! Nathan asks Dan for help, but not even Dan can convince Dante to leave Nathan alone. Ugh.

Haley spends all day looking great and then she looks like crap at the sports banquet. It’s really weird.

Derek goes with Peyton since Brooke asked Lucas to with her before she could ask him. He wears his marine dress up outfit which I think is a bonus. Derek spent all day painting Peyton’s room red. Peyton went to school all cool because “Derek” has been caught!

A lot can happen during a Tree Hill lunch period. Haley works the lunch shift at the Cafe and Peyton goes all the way home to get pep talks from her brother. I slacked off on my off campus lunches by just going to lunch!

Lucas is stupid.

Nathan gets the MVP at the banquet. Whitey gets a lifetime achievement award and gives a speech about basketball being his first love and then he talks about Camila and how no person could ever come between them. Basically, the whole speech made Brooke and Lucas realize that their love isn’t one for the ages so now they are JUST friends. Finally!

Rachel reads a report card from the mail and it has a failing grade for Calculus. Apparently, Calculus is a core class at Tree Hill High and if you fail it, you can’t graduate. So glad it wasn’t core at my school. OMG! I never took Calculus. Rachel goes to the Tutor Center to ask Haley to tutor her. Haley is all, Hell Naw! Eventually, Brooke, Lucas and Nathan convince Haley to go against her instincts about Rachel and tutor her. Ugh. Just know that Rachel isn’t really on the up and up and Haley is always right about Rachel.

Dan and Karen go to the banquet together. Sherry is up to her old yucky ways. Turns out that Tim no longer goes to Tree Hill High. He’s now in a special school. Phew, only we will see him again.

Derek leaves after the banquet because he’s being deployed or some such. Idk, I have a hard time paying attention. He says he’ll be back. He and Peyton share a hug. It won’t be the last time we see Derek.


Peyton finally reveals to Lucas how she really feels about him. He shock squints. Roll credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!