August 15, 2016

School starts tomorrow. I am exhausted!

Here’s the long and short…

A lot happens in this episode and it’s super entertaining. It’s one of those where I know exactly what happens and I’m still on the edge of my seat!

Rachel steals the tutor key for tests from Haley. It’s some convoluted way to help Brooke pass Calculus. I don’t think it makes any sense. Unfortunately, the storyline will continue despite it not making much sense at all. Whatever.


We are also shown Lucas’s reaction to Peyton’s confession of lurve. He just says, Oh. Haha.

Karen goes to get Deb from Casa de Scott. She says Deb is going to pull herself together in order to see Nathan play in his last game. On the road to the game, Deb, despite Karen’s pleas, takes a pill. She passes out on the way there and Karen makes it to the game to see the 4th quarter after dropping Deb off at rehab. Deb wakes up to find herself back in rehab, the game playing on the TV.

Innyway, it’s important to mention that as the girls travel to the site of the State Championship, Brooke insults Peyton by saying that being loved by Peyton could result in death, see moms 1 and 2. That hurts Peyton and even Rachel the AWFUL! thinks it’s pretty rude. Peyton starts a fight in the car. They make it to the stadium in one piece. While in the locker room waiting for the game to start, Haley gets sick and they take her to the hospital.


The girls have to force someone to see Haley. It turns out she’s just stressed and it’s common for that to cause pregnancy pain or some such. She finds out the sex of her baby!

While the girls are at the hospital, the game starts and Nathan notices Haley is missing. Not to mention half the squad of Brooke, Rachel, Peyton, and Bevin. No one points this out. Lucas is upset with Nathan because Nathan has told him that he is going to make sure the Ravens lose in order to appease Dante and all of them can keep their lives. Lucas is having none of it and has partnered with Skills to freeze Nathan out.

The Ravens go into halftime behind Pontiac. Whitey plays some old radio broadcast of when the Ravens lost the Championship. Haley catches Nathan on his way back to bench. He’s happy to see her, he was worried when she wasn’t there. She says that his son is going to make fun of how his father played in the State Championship. Nathan is overjoyed to hear they are having a son. He decides to go ahead and win the game, consequences be damned!

Dan has left the game at this point, but when he hears about the turnaround he comes back. If Dan had just helped Nathan, they wouldn’t be in this bind!

The Ravens make it to within 2 with only seconds left in the game. They run the same play as in the first season that knocked them out of the playoffs. Only this time…Lucas makes the shot! It’s glorious! There’s cheering and confetti it’s awesome! Brooke guides Lucas to Peyton basically and he decides that who he wants to be with when all of his dreams come true. OMG, Lucas, it’s always been Peyton. The Chad and Sophia are officially donesauce.


As an aside, Peyton looks super goofy standing by herself in awe of the confetti and stuff. Just sayin’.

After everyone is gone, Dan approaches Dante to say he wants to set things right. Dante informs Dan that he doesn’t have that kind of money or power. He tells Dan that he chose Nathan because Nathan is Dan Scott’s son. He didn’t count on Nathan having a soul. Say whaaaa? How could he not of had some idea? Nathan married his high school sweetheart while still in high school and she wasn’t even pregnant! Dante, Dante, Dante, smh.

Everyone goes to the after party at the Cafe. It’s all fun cakes and wonderfulness. Lucas and Peyton become official. Brooke finds out she’s failing Calculus. Obvy the counsellors at Tree Hill High suck!

Nathan and Haley are headed out because she seriously needs some rest. They walk outside and he twirls her around and it’s all to set them up to be in the street. It’s neat. So he’s about to tell her why he sucked so bad in the first half when a car starts driving towards them. Haley shoves Nathan out of the way and she gets hit by the car. She flies! I think Haley’s dead, y’all. No, wait, I think she’s alive. Lucas comes running from somewhere and calls 911. Nathan runs over to the car that ran into a conveniently placed construction barrier. He pulls Dante out of the car and starts punching and punching him. Dan comes out of nowhere and tells Nathan to stop. He checks Dante’s pulse and says that Dante is dead, Nathan killed him. Whaaaa? Nah, I don’t think so, pretty sure that Dante was already dead. The cops are coming and Dan tells Nathan to go back to Haley on the ground. Dan then proceeds to punch the ground to make it look like he punched Dante to death…even though I’m pretty sure the car punched Dante to death.

Meanwhile, Lucas is trying to tell the EMT info about Haley when all of a sudden he collapses and loses his heartbeat. Oh, yeah, that’s right…Lucas didn’t take his meds tonight! This ordeal has gotten his heart so flustered that it just stops and he passes out on the ground beside Haley. The episode ends with those two being wheeled into the hospital and everyone sad faced. Roll credits.

Told you some exciting stuff is on the way. This episode was jampacked even though it had previouslies!


Until next time…tooda loos!