August 16, 2016

This episode is jampacked!


So this must’ve been the equivalent of a Christmas episode for them. They don’t really celebrate holidays in Tree Hill, but It’s a Wonderful Life is playing on all of the TVs in the hospital. So we go on a spirit walk with Keith and Lucas. Keith shows Lucas some stuff to prove to Lucas that being a good guy is worth it. If it wasn’t for Lucas, Haley and Nathan would’ve split up, Peyton would’ve died the day of the shooting, and Brooke would be depressed. Keith also shows Lucas that if Lucas were to die from his heart attack, Peyton would be visiting his grave well into old age. But the most important thing Keith shows Lucas is the school hallway in the aftermath of the shooting. His dead body and Jimmy’s are on the floor and Lucas is freaked out! Keith tells Lucas to go with his gut feeling that Jimmy didn’t kill him and to open his eyes to what he really saw that day. What did he see? He repeats for Lucas to open his eyes and Lucas wakes up. Roll credits.

Also, Keith finds a moment to haunt Dan who is locked up for killing Dante. I love how they just lock people up in Tree Hill without any actual proof of anything. Lawless town. It gets weird and horror movieish. Haha.

Keith and Lucas also see that Nathan is struggling because Haley is still not waking up and the baby may be in danger as well. Nathan doesn’t know what he’d do with out Haley, poor guy. It turns out that Keith did visit Nathan, but Nathan is really the one that pulled Rachel and Cooper out of the car and got himself out as well. At least that’s what they show.


Peyton and Brooke have a conversation at the bridge where they used to go as kids. Peyton wants to be friends like before, but Brooke says they can be friends just not like before. Peyton is sad face. Then they go to the hospital to visit Lucas and Haley. First Peyton visits Lucas and plays music for him. She wants to try and save him like he’s always saving her. Earlier she had gone to the record store where a guy name Max now works. Apparently, he always has as he remembers the first time she walked into the record store…the one they always go to. Whaaa? Innyway, the important part is that Max is played by the creator, Mark Schwahn and it’s not the last we’ll ever see of Max. It’s very weird. So later, Peyton talks to Haley while Brooke talks to Lucas. Lucas and Haley are in like a coma, I guess. Peyton tells Haley to wake up because Nathan is a mess and she has to take care of Brooke because they can’t leave her with Rachel and Brooke needs her. Brooke tells Lucas to take care of Peyton for reasons and they are good together. Then they says not to tell the other that they had this conversation. Yeah, no probs girls, they’re in a coma!

Meanwhile, Karen makes an appearance staring into space in the hospital chapel.


Haley does finally wake up and the baby ends up being fine, strong heartbeat!

Ok, I think that’s the important stuff of the episode.

Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross lost their semi-final match. That Brazil team was just really really good. Still think it’s crap they have to go to a Bronze medal match, but it is what is. They had a great run and still have a chance to medal. Go team!

Until next time…tooda loos!