August 17, 2016

Ok, so bad news/good news. Bad news: they played the Kerri Walsh Jennings match kinda early and on the app. Didn’t know it was on, so I missed the first two set. Good news: Caught the third set, it was awesome and USA wins the Bronze. Winning the bronze is legit since you actually have to win the match to get the medal. Congrats to Kerri and April!

Ok, so, this episode is all kinds of Whaaa? It starts off with Sophia and Hilarie wishing us all a Happy New Year and thanking us for our support! Then they make fun of the stuff in Lucas’s room. It’s the best! Then we are treated to previouslies. The Chad having a heartattack is still makes me laugh. Sorry, but it’s like, whaaaa?

We start out with Lucas’s voiceover talking about dreams and how some feel real or something. We see him awake in his hospital bed and Haley awake in her hospital bed. Then Lucas is standing in the middle of the school hallway and everybody walks out of class. Peyton’s all, whatta do in’, you just had a heart attack. This show is crazy! I don’t like that they have Brooke palling around with Rachel. Brooke is not happy with Rachel stealing the key from Haley. Brooke is righ, this storyline is dumb!

Awww, Haley is in bed because she can’t go to school and Nathan is like taking care of her and stuff. She feels bad about the man that died. She thinks it was an accident. Nathan, the truth ALWAYS comes out. Awww, she wants chicken noodle soup with extra noodles. Karen is supposed to come and check on her later while Nathan is at school.

Dan is being charged with 2nd degree murder. His lawyer says they are going to plead not guilty, but Dan wants to plead guilty. Apparently, he is into serving time for a crime NO ONE committed so that he doesn’t have to pay for a crime he ACTUALLY committed. This show. Nathan is anti Dan’s plan to plead guilty, he wants to turn himself in. Every convo they have is so intense lately.

OMG, Deb in group therapy. She’s trying to say she doesn’t have a problem. Deb, everything makes you want to take pills!

Yeah you love secrets, Peyton, yeah you do. Peyton is so spiritual. She totes gets that Lucas saw Keith while in a coma. Now she’s not a fan of PDA. Lucas, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t want to chance her one true love, Brooke, seeing y’all together.

Rachel and Brooke are in Calculus about to take a quiz. Shelley slips Brooke a Clean Teen meeting flier on Brooke’s desk.

Nathan brings Haley her lunch and she’s been watching the news all day. That’s dangerous! She says she wants to reach out to Dante’s family and yadda yadda yadda. Nathan decides to come clean, even about beating Dante. Haley’s mind is like blown. And we know how these two deal with things.

Oops, finally, someone from Tree Hill knows how to do their job. The coroner report says Dante died on impact, so no trial for Dan, he gets to go Scott Free! Dan has a press conference outside City Hall. Deb is watching in rehab and then turns it off. Her nurse comes to bring her pills and then asked where the bed sheets are. Deb plays dumb. OMG, Deb, omg.

Lucas goes to visit Nathan, per Nathan’s request. He wants Lucas to come with him to turn himself in. Lucas says to watch the news, Dante died on impact of the crash. Nathan says he still betrayed Haley and she’s really mad. Karen picked Haley up and took her to Casa de Squints. Lucas says he did the right thing by telling Haley, it’ll all work out. Nathan apologizes to Lucas. It’s ok.

Brooke failed her Calculus quiz even though she studied A LOT! Rachel did return the key, but not before making a copy. Ugh.

Lucas goes to the junkyard? Is that where he is? He’s looking at Dante’s car and flashing back. He ends up at City Hall to talk to Dan. The news is saying that Dan’s approval rating has reached a new high. I’m pretty sure that bandage wrap on Dan is real. Dan assures Nathan that the report was not rigged, Nathan is NOT responsible for taking Dante’s life.

Lucas goes to talk to Haley. She’s not happy with Nathan’s stupid right now. She really does have a right to be pretty angry. She’s not like SUPER angry, but a person has a breaking point for another person’s constant stupid. She tells Lucas that she’s been watching the news, she knows about the coroner’s report. Peyton comes over later and does some fancy artwork on the cast. They talk about Lucas. Peyton’s holding in her feelings about Lucas because she’s in love with him and she’s bad luck. OMG, I thought she was concerned about her BFF. Nope, she thinks her kissing Lucas gave a him a heart attack or something. OMG, Petyon, omg. She says that everyone in her life meets some sort of bad ending or some such and then lists off all her family peeps. Haley says she needs to consider that none of those people are Lucas. Good point!

Ugh, Rachel and Brooke. They wear catsuits to go steal the Calculus test from the Tutor Center. They pass by the Clean Teen meeting. Again, no faculty advisor. None of this show is real.

Deb uses the sheets to climb out the window. The nurse goes outside with her bags and informs Deb that it’s a voluntary program, she just has to sign out. Deb does so and then leaves. Oh, Deb.

Brooke and Rachel so get busted by the principal, buuuuut…they get out of the jam by saying they are there for the Clean Teen meeting. Shelley is super excited about this. She gives them each a Clean Teen shirt and has them say the oath and stuff. OMG. They are now officially virgins for life. Ugh, this storyline is dumb. How come they saddle Brooke with characters that have no business being regulars!

At Casa de Squints, Lucas and Mouth and Haley are laying on Lucas’s bed. Lucas and Haley have a difference of opinion whether or not long distance relationships can work. Lucas asks Mouth about something. It involves asking Mouth so it’s muddled in my brain and I literally just watched it. As it is, I’ve said way too much about Mouth at all. Actually, I regret mentioning him. Sorry.

Lucas walks into the apartment and he thinks Haley’s home, but he finds his mom rifling through his medicine cabinet instead. He’s all, Whaaa? She’s not proud of herself right now. Nathan is all, Yeah, we don’t keep what you want. Nathan says Haley left him. OMG, so dramatic Nathan. She went to her best friend’s house to think. No different than when you went to see Rachel after Haley’s pregnancy news, only Haley and Lucas are ACTUALLY friends! Deb says she may be drugged up, but she knows that what he and Haley have is worth fighting for. Than she just leaves. Nathan’s life is like so random.

Lucas goes to Gloom Town to see Peyton. She starts tellin him stuff and he tells her stuff and Zzzzz…Oh, he loves her. No matter how long it takes, he’ll wait for her. Yeah, let’s try and remember that a few years from now, Lucas. REMEMBER THAT!

Nathan shows up at Casa de Squints and says he needs to see his wife. Haley comes out from somewhere on crutches and Nathan tells her they need to be together, Always and Forever. He holds up is ring finger hand and he’s got busted knuckles. Karen’s face goes all, Whaaaa? She skedaddles to leave the two kids to talk. Nathan apologizes and Haley knows all that, she just wants him to be honest with her and let her in all the way. He says ok, but he’s afraid she’ll see the real him, the person he used to be and he’s not proud of that person. He says if he has to be that guy to keep her safe, that’s who he’s going to be and he will not apologize for defending her. He’s not going be the guy that stands by and lets people hurt her. He means that. He will do dumb things to try and defend her honor time and time again. He never learns! He wants her to come back home. She says she can’t. He’s all, Whaaaa? You have to! She’s all, Psych! She just can’t keep standing on one leg…oh, yeah, she’s on crutches with a broken leg and they are having this huge heart to heart standing up…haha…children! She says if there’s more she’ll have to sit down because otherwise she’s tired and just wants to go home, she misses him and loves every version of him. I like that she says that because everyone seems to forget that she fell in love with him at his assiest! For reals, yo. Give Haley some credit here! They hug and Nathan’s relieved.


Dan walks into his house and someone has made a wall of stuff for him. It’s more, You’re a murder stuff. Karen walks in and sees the wall too. She went all the way over there to confront him about trying to take the fall for Nathan. He says she’s a mother, she would’ve done the same thing. Karen is falling for this ish. She hugs Dan because she though she saw someone she used to know. OMG, DO NOT FALL FOR THE DEVIL! Oh, Karen.

Lucas goes to visit Keith’s grave and leave him flowers and tell him about stuff. Awww. Return or the dream voiceover. The dream feels so real he doesn’t know what to believe. What if what he thought was true wasn’t and what he didn’t think was true was. Haley thanks Nathan for telling her the truth. She actually says this…”Now I know why they call it true love.” OMG, how do they say this stuff? Whaaaaa? I can’t even. Huh? Whaaaa? Hahahaha. This show. Lucas continues to go on and on about dreams. Yeah, we all get it. Ugh, Brooke and Rachel are wearing their new tshirts. Whaaaaa? Do they have to wear those stupid shirt all of the time? Rachel and Brooke go sit with the Clean Teens when they see the principal. They gotta seem legit.

Lucas is still pontificating about dreams and flashing back to his dream time with Keith in the hallway and he’s going over what Keith said about Lucas being kind to Jimmy and stuff. Lucas is again standing in the middle of the hallway as people get out of class. Whaaaa? Peyton walks up to him and kisses him and he picks her up and twirls and they’re like making out in the middle of the crowded hallway. Whaaaa? Roll credits.


Until next time…tooda loos!