August 19, 2016

This is one of those TV trope episodes that don’t really happen in real life, but makes you think this is what high school is like. High school is never really poingnant. It just sort of happens and then it’s done. Or maybe I just did high school all wrong.

So a teacher in some class they are in, don’t really know which one, makes the class be about getting to know themselves through each other. It’s about shattering what high school thinks you are and thinking about how the world outside could see you. Or something, I don’t know, it’s really cheesey. Long story short, they pull name a name out of a hat and break up into pairs.

Right before that though, the teacher tries to make a point. I think the point is that they all have an opinion of each other, they’ve known each other at least 4 years, but that doesn’t mean they really know who each other are. Well, apparently, he doesn’t know his students because he starts off by asking Haley what Lucas’s middle name is. She of course know right away that it’s Eugene. So he moves along and asks Lucas what Glinda’s last name is. Lucas doesn’t know.

Then they draw names and bouncing off of Shelly drawing Mouth, Glinda draws Lucas and says something about Karma striking again. I’m annoyed by this because I still think it’s stupid that people who purposefully flew under the radar are so piznastied that a higher profile person doesn’t know everything about them. He knew her first name!

So, Shelly draws Mouth. Glinda draws Lucas. Haley draws Skills. Ugh, Haley doesn’t really have to play the game at all today, does she?! Rachel draws Bevin. Peyton draws Chase, but passes the paper off to Brooke who had Nathan, so now Peyton has Nathan.

A bunch of stuff happens and I’m sleepy again. Dang it!

They don’t show a lot about Glinda and Lucas. Most important part is that she comes to the conclusion that they really aren’t that different. Lucas gives her his manuscript when she gets in her car to go home. Her mom is all, Whaaaa? It’s kinda sweet.

Bevin has an awesome moment where she tells Rachel that she’s not as dumb as everyone thinks. It kinda freaks Rachel out to see Bevin so Lucid. At the same time, Rachel is AWFUL! She just spends the whole time getting high and then saying she’s high. Rachel is also ANNOYING!

Brooke spends the day with Chase who is a stranger to us. We will see him in later seasons so it’s not a total waste. Just pretty lame for Brooke. We already know she’s insecure!

Peyton and Nathan hang out for the assignment. He comes to some conclusion about Peyton. She mentions breaking a knuckle one of the last times they broke up. I call bs because I noticed that knuckle looking broken like 3 weeks ago in OTH time. She comes to the conclusion that Nathan is a martyr.  Yeah, right! He’s the total opposite, or he’s like doing it wrong. They keep trying to play it off as he’s this guy that puts or is willing to put everything he wants aside so that others can pursue their dreams. Um, we have seen an enire season worth of showcasing the exact opposite.

Haley and Skills hang out on the rooftop. One of Haley’s secrets is that she feels like she doesn’t fit in; like she was born in the wrong time, etc. Skills knows if he doesn’t get into college he’ll be working at the factory like his dad.

Interesting belly seam, Hales. 

Ok, I can’t. My eyes keep closing.

Until next time…tooda loose!