August 20,2016

Look, don’t feel sorry for Rachel. She’s AWFUL!

Karen, don’t fall for Dan. Noooooo!

Also, this is episode is the reason I HATE Mouth. Look, he pressured Shelly. He had no respect for her story or what she was trying to be as a Clean Teen. He only thought of himself. And then we’re supposed to feel sorry of him?! No effing way! He showed no respect for Shelly before they started dating, while they dated, after she broke up with him. He’s a jerk! A JERK! Ugh.

I do not condone violence, but this is a TV show so I am totally on board with Haley going up to Rachel, throwing water in her face, bitchslapping her and then kicking her out of the house. It’s cool when Skills comes to back Haley up too. Haley is scrappy and yeah Rachel, you’re LUCKY Hale’s is pregs! Go away!

OMG, Deb!

Yeah, there’s a party to celebrate stuff and to get rid of all the booze. Deb is coming home! Nathan was REALLY hard on her when he went to visit her at rehab. But maybe it will take this time for Deb. No more trying to kill yourself, Deb! That’s dark. Nathan is worried about Deb moving back home and living by herself. Haley suggests to Nathan that they move into Casa de Scott so that his mom isn’t alone. Awww. These two!

Haley was fired from tutoring and it’s all Rachel’s fault. That’s the confrontation at the party plus Rachel’s trying to seduce Nathan. However, they want us to think that Rachel is Brooke’s friend. Brooke lies to Haley, she won’t get away with that. Rachel gets blamed for cheating. She is to blame for stealing the test, but Brooke is too. Rachel puts Brooke’s name on her quiz so that only Rachel would take the fall. What I don’t get is that that would’ve been the only quiz or test Rachel would’ve bombed. That’s why Haley is still confused that Rachel is the one that stole the test and not Brooke. Why wouldn’t the Calculus teacher be confused as well? Tree Hill is the worst at investigations. And the whole storyline is dumb. All this so that Brooke’s fashion line can be picked up by Victoria’s Secret’s Pink collection. Peyton signs over the artwork and Brooke is shocked. Brooke is a good friend, but she also sucks at it. Whatever. It’s all dumb. Dumb. But this show is awesome. I actually really enjoy this episode. And Lucas and his “novel”. Omg.

Also at the party Brooke and Nathan have some buddy time outside and run around in the sprinklers. It’s very weird so something must be up. Skills had out in a tape called Nathan Scores and it starts innocently enough with highlights of Nathan playing basketball. However, it ends with video of him and Brooke doing it. Whaaaa? Cut to Peyton not happy, Haley not happy, Luke vaguely showing some sort of confusion, Brooke all eeks, and Nathan all urgh…roll credits.

This chick? NOT HAPPY!

Until next time…tooda loos!