August 21, 2016

I did it again. I waited too long to start writing this. I am sleepy and I have to get up early for work in the morning. So, this is going to be another short one. Trust me, this episode, while entertaining and good, is not as exciting as the next one. It’s a good setup though.

It’s prom day and everyone is still reeling from the night before when the doing it tape played and Peyton punched Brooke. See, Peyton is not happy with Brooke’s attitude towards her this whole year even though Brooke pretty much did the same thing to her 2 years ago! Whaaa?

Deb: Nathan, I’m sorry I left the house like this. Nathan: Whatever mom, just clean it up …..Deb’s home! The exchange is actually pretty funny.

So Rachel ends up getting expelled for the whole nonsense cheating scandal. She doesn’t go to prom. Only Mouth and Brooke are going to miss her. And the less said about Mouth the better! Zzz…

Peyton is also mad at Brooke for making that joke about her mom on the way to State. That joke really hurt her. She’s also upset that Brooke was not a great friend during the year Peyton coulda used one. All of this while they have a full on girl fight on her front lawn. Not to worry, Peyton still cares about Brooke thanks to Nathan talking sense. She puts WHORE on Brooke’s red prom dress which is revealed by the black light at prom! Oh yeah, Brooke goes with Mouth because Chase is a judgy mcjudgerson. She is excited that Peyton still cares.

Peyton is not at prom though. She has decided not to go because of Brooke. But like I said, Nathan did talk sense to her so she gets ready to go. Lucas had also told her earlier that he was still going to to show to pick her up to go.

Karen goes to prom with Dan. Lucas calls him dad on their way out the door. Noooooo!

Nathan and Haley are living in a romantic comedy. A great one! She spends the whole episode hormonal, by her own admission! She tells Nathan to write a list of all the girls he’s slept with. It sounds like Haley’s being awful, but it’s actually pretty funny. Thanks to Deb and Lucas talking sense to Haley it ends right in the nick of time to go to prom. Haley only reads the list Nathan wrote that has the name of the only girl he’s ever loved. Awww. It’s Haley for those just tuning in! So they kiss and make up and it’s fun. She has also defied the laws of physics or some such as she has removed her cast a couple weeks early and is walking around on it. All because she really put her mind to it that she could be healed for prom. These two.

The best part about this episode is all of them get to look really pretty and handsome. No one looks terrible! I love it.

Ok, as I had said before. Thanks to the pep talks, Peyton does get ready to go to prom. The doorbell rings just as Lucas said it would. Only when she opens the door, it’s not Lucas. It’s…..Psycho Derek! Whaaaaaaaa? He punches her. Roll credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!