August 22, 2016

Previouslies and titles. This episode is NOT jampacked. But it still packs a PUNCH!

We open at Lucas knocking on the door of Gloom Town. He does not bust up in that piece. Yeah, since when does he give up that easily on these girls? Even Psycho Derek is confused. Oop, he’s injecting Peyton with something. Not good!

Meanwhile in Romantic Comedy Town, Haley and Nathan are on the way to prom. Oops, engine burning up!

At the prom Whitey is not impressed that Dan and Karen are prom dates.

Nathan doesn’t know anything about cars! No signal to call Lucas. They are going to walk together to somewhere there is a signal.

Rachel at the airport. Zzz…

Peyton is tied to a chair in her basement. That is really not good at all. He has drugged her but good. He’s all rubbing up on her. Ewe, he’s gross! He says he got out of jail because he never was there. I swear these kids are so gullible. Taking phone calls and not asking for visual confirmation. He was the copper that called! Ugh. He does look dapper though. Private prom!

Lucas is all stag at the prom. What a loser. I still can’t believe he didn’t go inside the house! Brooke asks where Peyton is. She doesn’t understand and thinks something must be up because why would Peyton have put the WHORE on the dress if she wasn’t going to show to see it!


Psycho Derek says the hardest part was losing all of his stalker photos. Where’s the flashdrive?! He has to start all over. He undoes the the tie around her mouth and she screams. It’s scary, but also funny! You gotta see this!

Awww, Deb picked up Naley to take them to prom. Deb’s hysterical! Naley is adorbs!

Peyton’s cell phone is ringing. It’s Lucas! PD is NOT happy about this. Lucas leaves her a message to call him because he wants to be with her at prom. Oh snap, the principal just kicked Rachel out of prom. She’s NOT welcome. Mouth goes with her. Zzz…

Ooo, Dan had a note in his pocket…’Does your prom date know you murdered her fiancé?’…OMG, they are at the prom! Watch yo back Danny Boy!

Haha, Psycho Derek has made like an auto tune song out of Peyton’s Podcast. This guy. OMG, he basically plans on raping her later. This ish is dark! Poor Peyton. Text from Luke. Derek texts back as Peyton that she’s running late and to wait for her. Glinda walks up to Lucas and they hang.

Nathan scammed the DWnotI car because no one is using it. Hmmm. Well, they got wheels now. He asks Haley to dance, but all that walking jacked her leg so she won’t be dancing after all. Bummersauce. He goes to get her some punch. She drinks some and is all, not punch! The dude that spiked it starts bragging. Naturally, Nathan gets angry and the guy just says, “Dude, it’s prom.” Nathan’s all, My wife’s pregnant and the guy just repeats, “Dude, it’s prom.” Haley looks at Nathan amused and Nathan lets the guy go. She says, “Dude, it’s prom.” And Nathan smiles. He will NEVER lose that temper. They’re adorable. Glinda and Lucas are still hanging out. Zzz…

Brooke is knocking on the door of Gloom Town. She’s not going to let locked doors stop her! She knows where the spare key is! She goes inside. Psycho Derek knows she’s there. He’s scary! OMG, was Peyton going to leave initially without turning off the curling iron?! Brooke goes down to the basement. She sees Peyton and PD gets her from behind and knocks her out.

Mouth and Rachel. Zzz…Glinda and Lucas hanging out. Zzz…

Oops, Brooke’s tied up now too. Glad he didn’t kill her! Peyton and Brooke start screaming. He turns up the music.

I think Dan thinks Whitey is the one leaving him all of the notes. Um, Dan, Whitey ain’t got time for that. Nathan and Haley have to drive the punch spiker home because he is passed out! Haha.

Brooke said she knew something was up because they’d been talking about Senior Prom since they were 8. Peyton asks Brooke if she told anybody she was going to the house. Brooke says no. Peyton’s all, You should’ve told somebody! Brooke says at least she came and calls her UNGRATEFUL! Yep. Peyton calls her an idiot and says she hopes he kills her first. Enter PD with a knife. He says that he saw them fighting in the front yard earlier and heard Peyton say Brooke was dead to her. He would like to oblige. Dear Psycho Derek, Peyton doesn’t actually want Brooke dead you sicko! He puts the knife to Brooke’s neck. Peyton tells PD that if he really loves her he’ll let her kill Brooke, it’s her revenge, not his. Then she starts telling him everything he wants to hear but he doesn’t believe her. But Peyton doesn’t give up and he cuts Peyton loose. She slaps Brooke for good measure, then she punches her! She asks Derek for the knife, but he still doesn’t trust her. Peyton’s all, you lied at the start and then plays out his crazy. Ew, she kisses him. She has really committed to this. She gets the knife from him and STABS him! She unites Brooke and apologizes for hitting her so hard. PD is disappointed in this turn of events. Now he wants to kill Peyton first. Peyton can’t get Brooke’s arms untied so Brooke tells her to run. Peyton runs upstairs and PD follows her. Eegads!

Lucas and Glinda doing a walk through of the day of the shooting to try and get rid of his writer’s block. Zzz…

The drunk kid in the back of the car starts being tacky and it’s pretty funny. Nathan kicks him out of the car like a block away from his house. Haha. Haley thinks it’s funny that the night is nothing like she predicted. Nathan has another stop planned for their evening.

Derek is still in pursuit of Peyton. Brooke manages to free herself from the chair. Still don’t know where Peyton went. Haha, he turns the knob to her room and the door opens. It’s dark. Oh, she has a taser and has put on her boxing gloves. She stuns him and punches him and punches him and punches him. Ugh, he does that move where he head butts her and she flies onto the bed. That has got to SUPER hurt! He gets all, your a girl, you can’t beat me. Brooke busts in and is all how about two girls and she’s gots herself a weapon. They start wailing on him! This guy psycho though so he’s going to be harder to take down. They do a cheer camp move and kick him down the stairs. He’s knocked out, but Brooke knows he’s going to lunge. He does and Peyton kicks him to knock him out again. Brooke goes to call 911 and Peyton kicks him while he’s out. Why not? He’s taken away on a stretcher and Peyton and Brooke are on the stoop in the large blankets they always give out in the movies. They have a heart to heart. I hope they’re really friends again because I don’t like them not being friends. They decide to still go and make an appearance at prom.

Rachel and Mouth at the airport. Zzz…

Dan and Karen are dancing. They talk about the past and how he regrets his decision to leave her and how it broke her heart and he asks if it’s impossible for her to ever have feelings for him again. And she says no it’s not impossible. OMG, Karen, NoooooooooO!

Naley are on the roof of the Cafe. He reminds her of the last time they were up there when they were separated. He wrote a prediction too. His prediction was that they would be together again by graduation. She asks if he really believed that. Well Haley, seeing as he was the only reason y’all weren’t together! He says he was in a dark place but he never stopped believing in them. Nathan, your prediction wasn’t really a prediction when you were in control of the outcome the whole time. I forgive you dum dum. Haley’s leg still hurts so he picks her up for one last dance. Awww! Adorbs!

Mouth and Rachel dancing at the airport. Zzz…her flight is for New Orleans. This is important considering where the next episode takes place. Mouth goes with her. Sucker!

Dan is getting a  call from INSIDE the building. A little cell phone on the ground in the hallway. Lucas walks into the hallway and Dan thinks it’s his phone. It’s NOT! Lucas says he feels like Keith is trying to tell him something. Dan says Keith is dead and isn’t coming back and Lucas needs to open his eyes. Dan storms off. Lucas remembers the hallway and gives meaningful stare.

Peyton and Brooke show up all bloodied and battered and bruised just in time for Prom Queen announcement. It’s Brooke! I’m shocked, but not surprised that everyone is relatively unphased by the state that B and P are in…lawless town. Abby, the diabetic girl from the tutor center walks in slow motion past Dan. Lucas is still in the hallway and he remembers he saw Abby in one of the windows in the hallway. He knows there was someone there that saw what happened! He smiles. Roll credits.


I did not go to prom but I’m sure the night was not as eventful as the one in Tree Hill!

Until next time…tooda loos!