August 23, 2016

Ha, now both girls are sleeping in Lucas’s bed. What happened to Karen having ground rules?! Skills walks into the room to tell Lucas that they have to go rescue Mouth.

Dan blackmails a city official to find out whose cell phone was calling him.

Oh, a time stamp. Skills says that Mouth has been gone a week which means it’s been a week since prom night. He got a message from Mouth that says, “Honey Grove, TX. Please come. Need ass.” Skills thinks that the battery died before Mouth could write assistance. I guess he means that the battery was dying and in order to make sure the message would send, Mouth had to make an embarassing abbreviation. I guess, because if the battery died while he was typing, it would not have sent so the way Skills puts it makes no sense unless you twist it up a bit. Just sayin’…Lucas thinks maybe Mouth should’ve just said Need help. Haha.

Naley walks into the Cafe and Skills shows them the message. Immediately Haley goes to her friend the Internet to look up the location of Honey Grove. Seriously, where would these people be without her?! Nathan asks Lucas how the girls are doing since the attack and Lucas says ok, but IT GETS THE WORST AT NIGHT. Title line.

And in walks Peyton and Brooke. Of course B. Davis is confused as to why Mouth needs as since he left with Rachel. In unison the guys say assistance! Peyton thinks one of them should go and up walks Haley who says ALL of them should go and make a road trip out of it. It’s a 20 hour car ride away. The closest notable city to it is Dallas and it isn’t even that close. Such is Texas. Innyway. Nathan is not all that thrilled to have her travel pregs, plus FINALS! Hales is all, finals shminals, we’re seniors and it’ll be fun. So the next day they head out for Honey Grove, TX. Everybody brought something useful. Peyton brought a mix cd. Yes, you thought right, that mix cd is REAL. I do not one it though. 😦

Mouth is in the clink.

Ok, so this episode is brought to you by a contest. It’s a fun little episode filmed on location because a group of high schoolers won a completions for OTH to come to their town. Woot!

Oh snaps, Skills just tricked Brooke into taking her 4 hour shift of driving early. Gonna regret that! The car starts to break down. Lucas notices the engine light is on and Brooke liked it so she didn’t mention it. Unfortunately, the car is electric and Lucas doesn’t understand those. They were taking the back roads to see the sandwich shaped like Elvis.

But no worries, a tour bus has stopped next to them. It’s Chris Keller! The car is being towed to Honey Grove, but they have to find their own transportation. Chris offers them a ride. Haha.

Karen and Dan. OMG. Karen, NOOOOOOOOO!

Chris and Nathan have a heart to heart because they’re best friends!

It’s late again, sorry. So the long and short of it is that they get Mouth out of jail. Rachel ditched him and used a line on some guy she had just used on Mouth or some such. They are both AWFUL! So I don’t care.

The gang buys some vintage outfits and goes to Honey Grove’s prom. The girls that won make an appearance. Everyone talks to the girls and tells them OTH storylines which are CRAZY! Then Mouth ruins it by asking, Have you ever had your heartbroken? Mouth, SHUT UP! Brooke comes clean to Haley about stealing the test with Rachel. I don’t get why Brooke always plays it off as Rachel being innocent. They both did wrong! Haley is upset by the betrayal, but eventually forgives Brooke who essentially suffers no consequences for her actions. What was the point of the storyline again? Brooke and Chris have a heart to heart, but that’s about it. Brooke’s going to live in the apartment since Naley is moving out of it. I guess you can just hot potato an apartment. Brooke wants to be better friends with Peyton than before which is good since they were never really great at being each other’s friends. Oh, Peyton and Lucas finally do it. Hopefully, now we can stop hearing about how they haven’t done it. Ugh.

No, Karen, NOOOOOO!

Back in Tree Hill…

Peyton and Brooke move into the apartment together. Their first order of business is to LOCK THE DOOR. Finally!

Nathan goes to see Lucas to tell him that a federal investigator is investigating point shaving during the semi-final game. Lucas is the prime suspect. Whaaa? FOR REALS? A Federal Investigation of point shaving during a small town high school basketball game? Whaaaaaaaa?

Dan and Lucas find where Abby lives, but both have different motives for visiting. Dan watches Lucas from the car. Roll credits.


Until next time…tooda loos!