August 24, 2016

So, Abby’s mom is Sean Young. Yep, the one and only. Sean makes Abby pretend to be out of her mind so that Dan won’t come and find them and kill them. Well, both Lucas and Dan found them. Dan is losing his mind, but he didn’t kill them. He does however freak them out by saying how much more lovable Keith was, but Keith had to and make a move on Karen. Abby goes and tells Lucas that Dan killed Keith. The next day, Abby and Sean are gone. They cleaned out their apartment. They were in a hurry and not in a hurry, I guess.

This show doesn’t really understand how the law works or they just don’t have a really organized law enforcement. Idk, it’s like sometimes they go real world, but most of the time they just go lawless. We are to assume the Feds are still investigating the point shaving. However, no one but the press ever comes around to ask any questions. It would seem that in a lawless town the press is judge and jury and Federal investigator! Haley asks Lucas to take the fall and he totes does. Whitey figures it out that Lucas is not the one. It doesn’t matter since Nathan and Haley have a marrieds convo and come to the conclusion that they have to do the right thing. The next day Nathan talks to the press outside the school and Haley is by his side. Bye bye Duke Scholarship! Bye-bye!

OMG, Peyton’s storyline is cray, but she is mending. Brooke helps her. First, Peyton goes by herself to visit Psycho Derek, née Ian. He blames the victim, Peyton, for his heinous actions. Brooke helps Peyton find out about Ian’s life and they really do find out a lot of info in a VERY short amount of time considering they still show up to school! Innyway, they find out that his late girlfriend looks just like Peyton! She died in a car accident in which he was the driver and he just hasn’t been the same. I guess that’s her fault, huh, Schwan! They make him cry and tell him that the girl forgives him and Peyton forgives him too, but she doesn’t want to Jim

Dan goes into Lucas’s room to…investigate? tidy things up? That’s where Karen finds him and he goes on and on about how he knows he’s lost her and he’s done some irredeemable stuff. He wants to breathe, can she help him with that. She thinks he has shown the capability to change for the better. Oh, Karen. Dan’s a MAN! Lucas walks into his room to see Dan and Karen kissing. NoooooOOOOOOOOOO Roll credits.


Until next time…tooda loos!