August 25, 2016

Lucas tells Karen that Dan killed Keith but she doesn’t believe him. Why does she want to believe that Jimmy killed Keith?

Haley isn’t going to get to give her valedictory speech because she’s married to a point shaver. That’s stupid. She didn’t do anything wrong. I EFFING HATE SCHOOL BOARDS! Nathan goes to convince the principal that Haley deserves to deliver her speech.

Peyton got an internship at a record company in L.A. and she’s worried about telling Lucas. Ummm…

Lucas goes to the authorities to report Dan as a murderer. Only Dan sucks. And there is no law in Tree Hill. Don’t apologize Lucas! That guy isn’t even a real cop.

OMG, Deb has a gun. She’s cleaning it.

Ew, that’s a dumb sight gag. There’s no way Brooke’s books are that dusty. I would talk about Chase talking to Brooke and why he left Clean Teens, but that’s sort of the punchline of Chase. Chase who?

Why would they have a picture in the yearbook from Junior year?

Naley is so adorbs! What’s weird about this whole point shaving thing is that he came clean and all, but it was just for public shame since he didn’t get arrested or fined or anything. And it was apparently a FEDERAL investigation. Such a dum dum storyline! I’m not worried about them though because they’ll be millionaires soon enough.

Dan is REALLY Canadian lately. OMG, Karen, don’t be suckered by Dan.

Brooke and Peyton talking about Chase. Zzzzz…

Karen, why don’t you EVER believe Lucas?! No, moving on with your life with Dan is actually moving backwards. That guy is the DEVIL!

Dear Principal Turner, NO ONE will be looking through that yearbook 20 years from now. Just sayin’.

Yearbook exchanges! Awww, Gigi fixed up a yearbook for Jimmy.

Whitey convinces Nathan that Duke isn’t the be all end all. There may still be a school that wants him! Nathan goes to the phones.

Luca goes to the beach house by himself. OMG Lucas, this guy KILLED his own BROTHER for goodness sakes!

Haley assures Nathan that whatever happens they’ll get through it together.

Brooke and Peyton talking about Chase’s yearbook. Zzz…

A good reason to show up to school during finals week is to take your finals, Lucas! Awww, Haley and Luke having a besties walk and talk. Oh no, Lucas is going to go get Deb’s gun!

Haley goes to get some help from Whitey.

I’m Super Sleepy. Helped my cousin move into his dorM today. OMG, CAN’T STAY AWAKE! Still have work in the morning.

OMG! Lucas just pulled a gun on Dan! Karen faints or something. Lucas shoots the gun. Did he shoot Dan? Did he? DID HE?!

OMG, find Bigfoot before Haley. Haha.

Until next time…tooda loos!