August 26, 2016

So, it’s graduation day and these kids have like the LONGEST morning EVER!

Lucas did not shoot Dan. He claims to have missed on purpose. Dan skedaddles and Lucas runs to his mother’s side. Karen proceeds to be out for like the whole episode.

Nathan comes to terms that he’s not going to get a scholarship so he plans on getting a job and saving up to start college next year. Haley doesn’t want him to give up on his dream so easily! Nathan, this is the girl that beat science and the healing process of bones to get her cast off early in time for prom! She KNOWS what she’s talking about. So Nathan gets a job working with Antwon’s dad, Chuck. In essence, he takes the job Skills would have had. It starts right away though! Nathan goes to work and gets dirty and it makes Haley sad.

Whitey stops by to see Haley and ask her questions about stuff. He asks her what about her dreams, like going to Stanford. Haley says wherever Nathan is she can be happy. She really wants Nathan to have his dream. Whitey is in awe of her sacrifice. Whitey tells Nathan that he took a job as a college coach at a rinkydink school 3 hours away. They’ve never had a winning season. Nathan is grateful for the opportunity. Yay, Nathan gets to play college  ball! Yay, Haley gets to not go to Stanford so she can follow a man’s dreams. Whatever. If I didn’t know how it all turns out for them, I’d be grrr.

Everyone goes to be by Luke’s side at the hospital, except Brooke. No, Sophia HATES The Chad right now so the less she has to be around him the better! Even when it makes ZERO sense. Whatever. Brooke is dealing with Chase. He says, “I love you for that.” She thinks that’s him saying, I love you. And it very well may be. The phrase would probably have made more of an impact if everyone didn’t go spouting it off every other sentence to each other! They ALL love each other for that!

Innyway, Lucas won’t leave the hospital. Deb figures out that Lucas has her gun. She found the bullet hole and casing when she went to go get Karen’s things from the house. She tells Lucas that she believes him about Dan because Dan thought Kieth tried to kill him in the dealership fire.

Oh yeah, Brooke. So, Brooke has a guilty conscience for letting Rachel take the fall for the Calculus test. She does a walk and talk with the principal and he decides to not take any disciplinary action. IT IS graduation day! Plus, I hate how they try and make Rachel innocent in all of this. It’s like they forget that Rachel stole the key from Haley, made a copy of the key, and then went with Brooke to steal the test and then actually stole the test. They were TOGETHER the whole time. Ugh.

I’m SUPER sleepy again…cut to the end. Deb tells Nathan about Dan. Dan comes clean to Nathan. Nathan never wants to see Dan again. Karen has eclampsia and is in a coma. Haley gives Lucas a present from Karen. It’s a bound copy of his “novel”. Karen’s baby is ripped out by C-Section. Lucas doesn’t want to go to graduation. Deb says for him to go and she’ll call if anything happens. Peyton shows him that the gang is waiting in the lobby and won’t go to graduation if he doesn’t even Haley! Lucas decides to go. We see all of our friends graduate. Turner grants Rachel graduate status in abstentia. Haley is giving her valedictory address and she goes into labor so she doesn’t get to finish it. Roll credits.

It’s CRAZY how much happens in one episode.


Until next time…tooda loos!