August 27, 2016

It’s my older sister’s birthday! So this is going to be a quick one. I’ve gots to party!

My younger sister is reciting a sound poem by Hugo Ball. It sounds dumb. To each his own I  guess.

We have reached the Season 4 Finale. I really like this finale. It actually works really well as a Series Finale. In many ways it kind of is since the tone and direction of the show changes drastically after this season.


It’s also starts out as one long music video. We begin with Live’s Lightning Crashes playing on the soundtrack. That was an old song even then. So it’s interesting. Loves it!

Our kids get Haley and Nathan into the ambulance and to go have their baby at the hospital. Brooke picks up Haley’s speech and at some point does a voiceover so we can hear the end of it. It’s a good speech. SPOILER ALERT: Way better than the Maid of Honor speech she writes for Brooke’s wedding. Just sayin’.

Innyway, Karen flatlined and needs to be rushed to surgery. Idk. Hers and Haley’s beds cross paths. Lucas and Nathan hug a meaningful hug and go to their separate ways.

Haley and Nathan have their baby and it’s great!

Karen has a soul visit with Keith and she gets to meet her creepy daughter early! Keith says to find him in the Lilies. Karen ends up naming her kid Lily. Tear. There is some interesting camera work when Lucas watches the surgery from the viewing area. He calls for his mom. After her visit with Keith, Karen returns to life.

Dan just can’t anymore and goes to turn himself in for Keith’s death.

2 weeks Later…

Karen goes to visit Dan in prison and spits on his cell window. Dan tries to kill himself but it doesn’t work and he cries like giant baby on the ground in his orange jumpsuit. He’s a mess.

The kids are getting ready to go to their last party as Tree Hill High students. At midnight, the Juniors officially become seniors in the computer systems so any reason to party and all.

Naley leaves Lucas James Scott with Deb. She’s funny. They both call her a lot so she unplugs the phone and they go back to the house to make sure everything’s ok. She tells them to go back to the party.

The party is fun! Mouth is still annoying and thisclose to being a rapist. And I don’t throw these accusations around lightly. Ugh, he has NO respect for women.

It’s of course a party being thrown by Rachel so we have to see her again. Whatever. I guess every friend group has that one friend.

The girls dance to the Spice Girl’s Wannabe which is AWESOME! I love how when Haley joins they choreographed it so Brooke is kinda shifted to the back because Sophia CAN’T dance! It’s a fun scene!

Haley still hates Rachel. There’s a funny scene where Rachel flicks Haley on the back of the head. Haley, is unamused. Rachel says it’s for throwing water on her face at the last party, but the bitch slap was ok because she deserved that. Haley then throws another drink on Rachel for flicking her in the back of the head. It’s great!

The most important part of the episode is when the gang, including Rachel, the River Court kids and Bevin, and Mouth go to the River Court. It’s so sweet! They play boys vs girls and they have a lot of fun. They paint messages on the River Court. Brooke says she knows they are going to be friends forever. Lucas says they should all meet back at the River Court in 4 years, no matter what! Then they all clear the court so Nathan and Lucas can play a game of one on one. Nathan says, “You suse you’re up for this, old man?” And Lucas says, “I could do this forever, little brother.” It’s great because the series started with a one on one game with them at odds and here there are playing as brothers. Tear! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!


Until next time…tooda loos!