August 28, 2016

So this is the time jump that changed television as we know it. This show did something that other shows would emulate…the time jump. OTH skipped 4 years into the future, yet somehow picks up right where it left off.

Standing alone on the River Court is Lucas, the painted signatures faded, the hoops tattered and torn. The River Court isn’t what it used to be and neither are they.

Clothes Over Bro’s is a multi-million dollar company now. Brooke is famous, has her own personal assistant, has her own magazine, goes to fancy events, etc. Victoria, her mother, works for her. She has it all, but she’s unhappy.

Peyton is living in L.A. working as an assistant to the assistant at a record label. The boss is a jerk, as music execs are often portrayed. Things there aren’t what she imagined them to be. She buys every edition of An Unkindness of Ravens, even the audiobook! She calls Brooke. She is on the road to what she wants, but she’s unhappy.

Lucas’s novel, An Unkindness of Ravens, was published. However, it’s been years and he still can’t write the next one. Probably because it wasn’t really a novel and the people he wrote about aren’t really around anymore! A plagiarist of life! He is dating his editor, naturally. In fact, he loves her. Whaaaa? Well, we all know how that goes. Lucas is a mess. He and Skills are going to coach the Tree Hill Ravens. Apparently, the Ravens have been terrible since our gang left Tree Hill High. Lucas is a successful “novelist” is, but he’s unhappy.

Nathan is gross and mean and hasn’t shaved and has long hair. He drinks to much and throws things. He’s not attentive to Haley or his son. He’s awful! Haley tells him not to be like Dan. He says he’s in a prison, just like his dad. Haley says he can walk out of his. Whaaaa? Oh, yeah, Nathan’s in a wheelchair. Nathan got all butthurt because some fan of another basketball team was being awful to him in a bar. He called Haley a fat ass so Nathan started a fight! He got thrown through the window and piece of glass got stuck into his back and he couldn’t feel his legs. He can walk now, he just doesn’t want to. So, Nathan did not go 10th in the draft to Seattle, someone else did. But they still live in a mansion in Tree Hill so I guess he didn’t have to give back the shoe contract money, which is good since that’s what they used to buy the house!

Don’t know what Deb is up to, but no worries, we’ll see her again! Karen and Lily are traveling the world with Andy. Haley? Oh, yeah, her…well, she’s going to be a teacher at the high school. She spends most of the episode bouncing from one place to the next, being Jaime’s mom, and giving Nathan You’re a Jerkface face. Yeah, still no real storyline for her though, but I know it will happen for her one day. It will!

So Brooke and Peyton miss each other and feel that they are just missing love in their life. So they decide to go back home. Lucas finds Peyton on the River Court. She is excited to see him, but he tells her that he’s with someone. We all know Peyton pulls a silent Barney Stinson and inwardly says…Challenge accepted.

Brooke and Peyton meet up at the Tree Hill airport and hug. Roll credits.


Until next time…tooda loos!