September 2, 2016

Jaime has a nightmare about Dan. Turns out Skills told him Dan is in prison.

Peyton is visiting her old house. Some girl comes out to see what’s up. The girl invites her in and already knows her name. Oh, because everything about the room is different except the girl kept the door as it. Eye roll.


At the studio, Haley and Lindsay are late. But Victoria, Brooke’s mom is on time. Victoria is rude to Haley. However, she really still very much does not like Peyton and Peyton isn’t even there and for some reason it amuses me. So Victoia is the money behind the studio time for Mia and wants to have a listen. Victoria hates it.

Peyton’s at th studio now. Haha, Mia took off and Peyton don’t want Lindsay around. Haha, Lindsay hears all the awful stuff she is saying about her. Yeah, Lindsay, go away!

Never a need to say Bitch that much. Lazy punchline.

Yeah, no, that bikini is totes inapropro. Uh oh, Nathan’s going to go into that mode again. He has no care that he’s flirting with another woman. Haley sees the family scene play out without her. Haley has a nightmare that night that Jaime wants his other momma and Nathan is with Carrie.

The next morning Haley is 20 something acting 100. But she totes tells Carrie not to wear a bikini because it’s inapropro. Go Hales!

Victoria and Brooke have breakfast. They argue about models and Peyton and come to an understanding/compromise.

Jaime and Skills playing Rock Band. Oh man, Skills is such a sucker. Skills doesn’t like lying to Jaime and says Nathan needs to tell the kid about Dan.

OMG, Peyton doesn’t have to like or be nice to Lindsay. Like Lucas would be so welcoming and cordial if Peyton was dating someone new. Lindsay can fight her own battles. Lucas, go away!

Like, I don’t care about Q. But Haley does, so she and Lucas call him in over the weekend to talked school and basketball. They want him to go back to school so they will be giving him a spot on the basketball team. She gives him an assignment to read Les Mis and write reports.

At the River Court, Q and Nathan have a cheesey convo. OMG, even he knows Nathan is a dum dum. Haha.

Victoria busts up in the store and says Brooke isn’t smart enough to run the company. Peyton runs out and to stick up for Brooke. Ooo, it’s burn city and Peyton gets the last one in for good measure.

Lucas is staring at the ring he was going to give Peyton and Lindsay walks in, but it’s just a nightmare. And Lucas, Peyton DID NOT SAY NO! You’re such a big baby. Oh and how gross that you think a ring can just go from lady to lady.

Why isn’t the nanny going home anymore? Nathan, tell her to get out! Nannies are NOT like doctors! Nannies are for kids, not for putting the kids’s dad’s pants on, omg. She’s talking slag about Hales in a sly way.

Dinner! Lindsay, shut up, but you are totally right to feel threatened by Peyton. Jaime is so ANNOYING! Haha, Carrie just creeped Lindsay out. Carrie, they don’t just have history, Naley is MARRIED! OMG.

Naley comfort Jaime before bed so that he won’t nightmare about Deb.

Peyton, Brooke, and Millicent the assistant are at the bar.

Haley, stop letting Carrie run your household! Oh, it’s Q at the door. He’s going to do the assignment. Looks like Nathan’s pep talk worked! Q wants to erase Nathan’s scoring title.

Hot bartender, Owen! Brooke makes a fool of herself, but no worries.


Yeah, I don’t care about Mia. Zzz…

Brooke and Victoria love each other. And it’s a genuine mother and daughter moment. Oh, it’s just a dream. Poor Brooke. Reality definitely does NOT play out like the dream. Why is Victoria so mean?!

Lucas, your obsession with Peyton is nuts. People are allowed to change and grow, LUCAS! Not everyone has the luxury of being as cool as they were in high school. Yeah, exactly. Lucas, she really never said no. You did give up, Lucas. Whaaa? Lucas, you are such an ASS. Seriously, you are making no sense. When Peyton makes more sense than you do, you need to reevaluate your life.

MUSIC VIDEO TIME! Lindsay sees Lucas’s car outside of TRIC. And it’s REALLY late. Q is reading on the bus. Mouth is dumb. Brooke has Millicent reschedule Macy’s and will from here on out call her mom Victoria.

Nathan and Haley flirt. He starts looking for monsters in the room. He walks out to the balcony and Carrie is swimming naked. TELL HER TO GO HOME! Nathan just stares. He won’t say anything. He’s a dum dum. Roll credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!