September 3, 2016

I’m babysitting my friend’s kids so this is going to be really quick and probs confusing. But this show is confusing, so no worries!

This is episode takes place entirely at TRIC. They are all 22. Yeah, right…haha. Love this show.

Brooke sets up Milicent and Mouth. No Skills in this one. KFed makes another appearance and Mia sings a song before the Honorary Title. A band I have still never heard of.

The best line in this episode is when Brooke says Peyton had her Lucas stealing face on at the airport. Peyton asks which one is that. And Brooke says, “It’s the only one you’ve got!”  It’s the best!

Also, Haley overreacts about stuff again. She’s just as hot tempered and violent as Nathan. Really she’s just frustrated by everything. Nathan is still a dum dum who can’t help but let girls flirt with him. It’s in his nature. Oh and Haley is mostly upset after she sees Lucas and Peyton kissing! That’s right. AGAIN!


Still not sure why Carrie followed them home. She used to go home, now she just goes to their house. So weird.

Brooke makes some progress with bartender Owen.

Dear Lucas, Peyton NEVER SAID NO! So of course because he’s an ASS, he proposes to Lindsay. What a Jerkface!

Let’s just roll credits. The kids want ice cream and so do I!

Until next time…tooda loos!