September 4, 2016

Ok, so UT just beat Notre Dame and it was AWESOME!

It was a very long game though, so quick blog again.

The long and short of this episode is that Peyton still loves Lucas. Everyone’s pretty sure Lucas still loves Peyton. However, it’s Lindsay he asked to marry him. Whaaa? And Lindsay, falling for this mess even though he literally wrote the book on it, accepts the proposal. Ugh.

Brooke is making some progress on the Own front.

Haley is just upset the ENTIRE episode. She just can’t with these people right now.

Nathan likes the attention from the hot nanny so he’s decided not to fire her or mention any of her inapropro behavior to Haley. Seriously, she kisses him and he says NOTHING. Jaime is also a tool. He accidentally calls Carrie momma and then later Carrie says she pretends she’s his mom sometimes. Jaime is totally ok with this creeper. He deserves what he gets later. I can say these things because it’s a TV SHOW! So the Scott boys are all just a giant Jerkface ASS this episode.

Q broke his hand punching K-Fed at TRIC to defend Haley’s honor. Interesting since he was wildly inappropriate in class to her just a few days ago. All of a sudden he’s worried about her honor. Well, whatevs.

Peyton sketches something. Roll credits.


Until next time…tooda loos!