September 6, 2016

So it’s the night of the big win still. Carrie sneaks in the shower with Nathan and of course that’s when Haley walks in. She kicks them both out of the house.

The next morning Nathan ends up at Lucas. Lucas has just gotten a letter about Dan’s parole hearing.

Peyton’s old creepy boss shows up at TRIC to try and steal Mia away. Zzz…

Oh, it’s Rachel in Brooke’s NY apartment. She’s od’d and Owen brings her back by putting her in a cold shower and slapping her. Idk. Zzz…

Nanny Carrie shows up at Jaime’s school to say that Haley doesn’t want her around anymore and wishes she was Jaime’s mom. It’s gross how attached to her he got. Whatever. He tells Haley when she picks him up. For some reason he’s mad at Haley and all about Nanny Carrie. Whatever.

Oh, all of a sudden Q’s hand needs a cast. Whatever.

Carrie really thinks that Nathan loves her. OMG. Haley lays into her. Carrie has no idea what she’s trying to come between. Haley, don’t fall for her crap! Great, Jaime sees everything and says he hates his mother. Shut up, Jaime!

Yeah, still don’t care about Rachel. She’s nothing but a waste of time suck for Brooke. Rachel is the worst friends ever. But this is kind of the best. Owen pretends to be a junkie. He takes off his shirt and asks all shivery and needing of the drugs. Then he beats the crap out of the dealer and throws a bunch of cash at him. OMG.

Lucas and Nathan road trip it to the prison for the hearing. Lucas really doesn’t want Dan to be let out right now. I don’t get how he could. I don’t know how the law works in this case, but it seems like killing someone in cold blood should be lifetime in prison.

Peyton decides to pass Mia along to the major label dude.

Dan pleads his case. He tells his life story and says he deserves to be in prison. So then why is he pleading for freedom. Dan’s a mess. Then Lucas pleads his case. He says their life story with a different twist and doesn’t want Dan to get out EVER. He says neither of Dan’s sons have gone to visit…oh, but wait, remember when Nathan did? Yeah, he didn’t tell Lucas. The parole board points that out to him. Not cool Nathan. Not cool. This guy NEVER learns!

Lucas is not happy on the way back.

Why are they always splitting Brooke away from the group? Her storyline is always so separate. They use her for tertiary characters. It’s boring! I don’t care about tertiary characters. ESPECIALLY RACHEL! And who cares if Owen has been there? Big deal, who is this guy? No Brooke, I’d totally give up on Rachel. She’s not a real person. Whatever.

Nathan goes to the gym and Q is there. They talk basketball. Q isn’t going to be able to beat any of Nathan’s records at this rate, he’s got a cast on is hand! It’s so dumb how they took Dan’s framed jersey down and didn’t cover up the faded part of the wall. It’s ugly, no way it’s left like that. So dumb.

Wait, are they in NY? Rachel wants to stay in Brooke’s apartment. Go away, Rachel!

Nathan goes to plead his case with Lucas. His big brother says to go work things out with Haley and then tells Nathan that he’s the best man. Nathan is honored. Who the A else would it be?

Oh, Jaime’s going to let his mom tuck him into bed. Oh, then he asks about his dad and says his dad quit being sad when Nanny Carrie came to live with them. Jaime’s an idiot and has no idea what he’s talking about. Um, Nathan started taking recovery seriously when Haley for reals threatened to leave him. Then he says that he wishes Nanny Carrie was his mom. What an ungrateful little ish. Ugh. Shut up, Jaime!

Oh, it turns out that Peyton and Mia were playing the old boss to get wider distribution for the record and a major opener gig. She’ll be opening for Ryan Adams. No worries, we’ll be seeing her again. Ugh.

Omg Q. Who do you think you are, Haley? He’s removed his cast WAY before he’s supposed to.

Brooke, DO NOT bring Rachel to Tree Hill. She’s the worst! All she has ever done is use people and then make it look like their fault.

The parole board has come to a decision. But it’s a cliffhanger!

Nathan show up at home to talk to Haley. She hugs him and then says that Carrie said he kissed her. See, he really didn’t, but he never told Haley about it so he looks hella guilty. He could’ve told her this morning when she asked if there was anything more, but he didn’t. Idiot. He knows she has the biggest temper on this show and is prone to irrational rational outbursts. He deserves what he gets! He just stares when she brings up the kissing. Idiot. The Ungrateful Little Snot walks in excited to see his dad. Nathan sends him to play outside. Haley pointblank asks Nathan if he kissed her. He says no, but she kissed him. She says she’ll put up with a lot, but not infidelity. Um…Haley, I get it, but you’ve kissed another dude. Oh wait, it’s probs that watching her swim naked part that has her most upset. And the fact that they’re no longer teenagers. There’s that.

Nathan says he didn’t encourage it, it was all one sided and all Carrie. Jaime’s basketball rolls into the pool. No one’s watching him. She asks Nathan when he’s going to stop making dumb choices that threaten everything that they’ve built. That’s a fair question. Nathan says everything he’s ever done is for his family. Oh, I guess your family needed you to flirt with the Nanny and become a lousy wheelchair bound by choice drunk. That’s cool…Not. Haley says sorry for being such a weight around his neck. Now now, Haley. Nathan says that’s not what he meant! They argue and argue and argue. He then says that sometimes it’s just never enough for her and he can’t take it anymore. Haha. Um, Nathan, you sat your lazy ass in a wheelchair long after the doc said you could walk, drank too much, didn’t shave or cut your hair, and just behaved all gross…you should be able to take A LOT at this point. She says not to turn this around on her. Meanwhile, their son is drowning. She says the best part is that he screws the nanny and Jaime ends up hating her. He is adamant that he did not screw her. He didn’t. There is that. But seriously, somehow Haley is going to be seen as the bad guy in all of this. She makes a good point in that she gets blamed for his bad behavior sometimes because she puts too much pressure on him to be a decent human being. And it sucks because Nathan always gets to have all of the excuses or whatever. Whatever.

Haley looks out the window and can’t see Jaime. Then she sees him drowned. Nathan runs into the pool and they pull him out. She slaps him a bit and yells out for him to wake up. It works! She yells at him that the marriage is over and he so stunned all he can say is her name and then she says she wants a divorce. OMG. Noooooo….! Roll credits.


Until next time…tooda loos!