September 7, 2016

I can’t believe it’s almost time for the 100th episode! I can’t believe I’ve stuck with this for 99 days in a row! Crazy!

This episode is the calm before the storm. It’s set a week after the last episode. Nathan’s been living on Lucas’s couch. Naley hasn’t spoken since. It’s so sad!

Lucas and Lindsay scheme to have their bachelor and bachelorette parties at Naley’s house. Only they don’t tell them that’s what’s happening. Nathan, of course, is hip to their wise but doesn’t care because he misses his wife. Doesn’t mention the kid. Just sayin’.

Skills had taken Jaime party decor shopping earlier. At the store, Jaime noticed a family playing Rock Band together. When this first aired I must’ve missed that because I had no idea why Jaime was so annoying the whole party trying to get his parents to play Rock Band with him. Now I know why! Of course, he was totes counterproductive because everytime he asked them to play with him, Naley stopped talking and Haley walked away.

Unfortunately, for Nathan, Hales is done trying to fix him or change him or whatever. She knew who he was when she married him and she thinks it hasn’t been fair to him. Um, Hales, when you married him, he was OBSESSED with you. He still is, so there’s that.

In tertiaryville, Mouth visits and rejects Rachel who is living with Brooke and Peyton to detox. Victoria is a witch and she manages to out worst Rachel by being AWFUL to Rachel who makes off with the cash that Peyton gave Brooke as a return on the investment in Mia. OMG, cray, yo. Also, Brooke and Peyton go on a double date. Turns out that Owen’s friend is Chase, the Clean Teen.

Skills tells Haley stuff. Lucas tells Haley stuff. And OMG, I’m super sleepy. I’m like falling asleep typing this. Long day.

Earlier, Lucas had given Haley his manuscript. Since she ain’t got no husband at the moment, she’s able to read the whole thing in like a couple hours. She calls Lucas. I love that Lucas still has a picture of him and Haley on his nightstand. He must’ve been serious when he told Haley she was his number one. They’re so cute. Innyway, long story short, Haley tells Lucas he can’t marry Lindsay. Um, whaaaaa? Roll credits.