September 8, 2016

This episode is jampacked!


We begin with Lucas, Haley, and Jaime driving the back roads of Tree Hill. According to the voiceover so, this little road trip is just like the one Lucas took with his mom and Keith when he was a little boy. It’s kinda sweet! They end up at the docks to meet Karen who is now with Andy. Lily is creepy! And bratty. Ugh. Whatevs. They go to the cemetery and Karen puts flowers at Keith’s grave. Over by the car, Andy tells Lucas that he loves Karen, but he would give it all up if Keith could be there on Lucas’s wedding day and all the days after that. Andy is the perfect human.

Haley spends time trying to convince Lucas that based on his most recent manuscript, he’s still in love with Peyton. Lucas just isn’t buying it though…because he’s and ASS.

imageMeanwhile, Nathan has a fantasy in the shower. He imagines that they are in their kitchen and he and Haley re-enact their first kiss and then it rains inside on them. It’s actually cuter than it sounds.

Let’s just take a moment and appreciate the shoulders.

Karen also visits Brooke and Peyton at the old Cafe, now Clothes Over Bro’s Boutique. They are all happy to see each other and she gives them a pep talk. Everyone’s worried about Peyton because Lucas is an ASS! Even his own mother knows it, obvy. It’s crazy how many pep talks these kids still need though.

Oh, look, Dan’s out and he’s deciding to be creepy and whistle while he puts on a tux to go to a wedding he’s not invited to! I don’t know why he has to be so creepy.

It’s been a whole other week and Lindsay’s been staying with Haley to make the wedding night more romantic. It’s also another week that Haley isn’t talking to Nathan and Nathan is SAD. Well, he should be! All the crap he pulled when they were teenagers and she totally came clean to him, he didn’t hear that mess from Chris like she had to hear it from Carrie. Plus, the last four months that just occurred in which he had a severe case of the lazies! Haley has had to put up with A LOT of Nathan’s crap. Like, if the roles were reversed, would Nathan be all, oh, that’s ok Haley? Uh, no. Because when they were reversed, he became an alcoholic and wouldn’t talk to her for MONTHS! So Nathan can sweat it out a bit more. Ok, rant over.

Some flowers arrive the church, but they are delivered to the guys’ room and the ladies’. Each one wants to take the flowers to the other room. Lucas because he hasn’t seen Lindsay in a week. Nathan because he hasn’t seen his wife in 2 weeks. He misses her! What about Jaime? Yeah, whatever. Innyway, Jaime snatches the flowers and takes them. Haley answers the door, lets him in and closes the door before Nathan can make a move. Everybody looks really pretty today!

At some point Haley sees Dan outside in his car. She lays into him and tells him to git! Dan is, as always, greatly amused by Haley. He doesn’t go inside.


Let’s cut to the wedding shall we? The guys come in, the bridesmaids come in, Nathan can’t take his eyes off of Haley. He flashes back to their wedding night. Everyone’s at the altar. Will the bride show? Yes, yes she will! Stuff goes on…Peyton stands up and says to stop the wedding because she’s in love with Lucas and when he fixed her car he fixed her heart. BWAH! It’s not real, just a fantasy. She voiceovers that it’s what she wished she’d done, but she didn’t, and Lucas said…”I do”. Ouch! But now it’s Lindsay’s turn, but she’s starting at this very moment to reconsider what she read in the manuscript. Haley was right. Lucas should’ve waited to let Lindsay read it. See, in the manuscript, there’s a line that says something about how when the boy saw the comet suddenly his life had meaning and he would wait his whole life for the comet to return or some such nonsense. Well, there’s a flashback to the first season when he went to go tow Peyton’s car and then it turns into a flashback of Lindsay’s from earlier in the day when she say Peyton’s car is a…Comet! Haha. The scene has replacement music in the DVD’s and Netflix and all re-airings. But there are still ways to watch the original edit. Here, look…Never Tear Us Apart


This show is the best!

All at the same time, Nanny Carrie has been at the wedding in the balcony. Skills is supposed to be watching Jaime, but he does whatever Jaime wants. So since the kids wanted to go to the restroom alone (and during the ceremony, yeah right!) because he doesn’t want his “Aunt” Lily making fun of him, Skills lets him. In his deferense, how could he have known has STOOPID Jaime is. So Jaime has to go to the restroom SOOOO badly that he goes DURING the ceremony. Only he doesn’t because Nanny Carrie intercepts him on the way. He’s excited to see her even though she’s the reason his mom and dad are split up right now. Carrie then says she wants to take him somewhere. Jaime says he’s not allowed to leave the church. Then she’s all, don’t you trust me?  And she says she’s his momma now, but he doesn’t hear it. It was one of those villainous mustache twirling things. And then, HE GOES WITH HER! The F’ing A?! This kid is definitely his father’s son. Dum dum.

So Lindsay runs off, never to be heard from again…only not really. Lucas is devastated. Everyone is stunned. Time passes and Haley is looking frantically for Jaime. Skills feels really bad. Well, he should, but only to a point. I mean, COME ON! Everyone is looking for him. Well, not everyone, at least not yet. At first, Nathan is giving Lucas a pep talk. And then Lucas goes to find Lindsay. And Brooke tells Peyton that part of the reason she’s in Tree Hill is to start a family. For some reason, she really wants a baby. But not bad enough that she would try and steal someone else’s! Looking at you, Nanny Carrie! But for some reason Brooke had shared this news with Lucas first. Whatever. Millicent finds them and tells them that Jaime is missing.


Nathan runs out to find Haley. A cop car is driving by so Nathan jumps out in front of it. Haley is all, OMG! I mean, seriously, how much can this woman take?! The cops jump out of the car ready to put the beat down on and Nathan. He tells them about his son and in fine lawless town fashion, they treat Nathan like he’s the criminal. Nathan manages to convince them to stop being jerks for like one second and they call in the APB. Useless cops in a lawless town.

Carrie has taken the kids to hotel/motel room and is going to dye his hair. Only she can’t find the dye so she has to go to the store. Jaime is working his way through a mountain of candy on the bed wondering when he is going to get to go home. Carries says they’re going to play a game and tells Jaime to hide until she comes and finds him. He plays along. When Carrie leaves Dan comes to the window and tells Jaime to let him in he’s goin got to take him home. Jaime is terrified because he’s heard some things about Grandpa Dan.

I should mention that the last 5 minutes is a music video. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals’ Apologies is the song. I FLOVE THIS SONG. I was obsessed with it for months after this episode aired. So good. Innyway, Haley is in Jaime’s room feeling guilty because she should’ve let Nathan come home. Nathan being home would’n’I’ve made this not happen though I don’t think. Especially since it didn’t happen at home, it happened at a church and both parents were on the altar. So…But I get it, Hales, I get it. Nathan hugs her.

Everyone is at the house spread out in the kitchen living areas. The cops are useless and everyone’s just waiting and crying and blah blah blah. Lucas finally shows up and looks at Nathan and then looks at Haley and then goes to hug his best friend because she could use a hug right now. Haley doesn’t move her face really and just lets out a single tear. So pretty. After the hug of reassurance, they look back towards the door and then…there he is…Dum Dum,  Jr. He runs to his momma happy to be back home. He says Grandpa Dan rescued him! Everyone is, WTF?


And then in walks Dan and everybody stares meaningful stare of shocked surprise horror!

Dan. Roll credits.

That was a pretty packed 100th episode!

Until next time…tooda loos!