September 10, 2016

We start with Lucas’s first thought of the day…Lindsay and wanting to get her back. FAIL.

Peyton’s is Lucas and not Lucas is an ASS. Ugh.

Jaime’s is his bunny Chester.

Brooke’s is Brooke and that she has to pee.

Skills questions the day and time and what he drank the night before.

Mouth’s is that Millicent smells good, he’ll be late for her, but then he thinks about getting fired for being late. The weird thing is Millicent isn’t even in the bed with him. Whaaa?

Haley’s is Jaime. Nathan’s is Jaime and then that his girl is hot. They say good morning and move in for a kiss, but Jaime’s feet are there and they pretend to eat them. Haha, adorable family moment!

Interupted by cutting to Dan’s first thought which is a gunshot and Keith. Zzz…

Naley family breakfast! So adorbs. They’re going to interview nannies later. Haley is going to let Jaime leave the house and go to practice with Nathan.

Lucas goes to see Skills. Apparently, Lucas checked out of his life after being left at the altar. He was traveling with Karen and Andy and Lily. Without the greatest ASS to ever live around, the team lost 8 games. Q’s hand is no good and is no longer hitting his shots.

Brooke promotes Millie and wants her back in New York. But Lily doesn’t want to go back to New York. Good because Brooke gets a phone call from the adoption agency that she is going to foster a baby that needs surgery. She’ll have to send it back once it’s done. Whaaa? SPOILER ALERT: Brooke’s I wanna baby storyline is a total waste. Like for reals.

Dear Jaime, Your Grandpa Dan is a MURDERER! I don’t think anyone has told him, so I just ripped the band aid off. Q walks in and he and Jaime do some dumb rap in reference to themselves or somethingPre. Nathan starts up on one and stops the moment cold because he is no longer cool, he’s the dad. Haha.

Ooo, Lucas is kinda smooth. He doesn’t tell Q he knows about his hand, he just shakes his hand. Haha.

Hales goes to Red Bedroom Records to see Peyton. We find out that Mia has sold 40,000 copies. Woah! They give each other props. Haley hands Peyton a demo and it’s hers! Peyton is all about it. Yay, we gonna get to hear Hales sing!

Haha, now Lucas is making Q palm basketballs for 30 seconds. He can’t hold the one in his right hand…because HIS HAND IS BROKEN! And he’s wasted a whole month of healing. What a dumb dumb.

Shut up, there’s no way someone liked Mouth’s Raven’s feature. Puke. But please do move to Omaha, Mouth. Please do. He wants Millie to go with him. No, Millie, NO! LET HIM GO! Oh, haha, she says that when he leaves she wants his room because she needs a place to stay that’s not pay by the day.

Awww, it’s Leaving Town Alive. This is Joy’s song and it really is very good. Loves it! Peyton is all YES! They are going to make a record together. Brooke calls to tell them her news. She’s out shopping for a bunch of baby stuff. She’s not that impressed by their news. But she’s chipper and Brooke, so it’s better than when she’s bummed out all the time.

They guys and Jaime go with Q to the doctor. Q then gets mad at Skills. Q has NO respect for anyone. NONE. Shut up, Q! OMG, Dan’s there and gets in the elevator with Lucas, Nathan, and Jaime. Nathan follows Dan out of the hospital to tell him to stop being a creeper. He’s seen Dan pass by the house and stuff. He thinks Dan is following them. Dan says he was just getting a check up…and he was kinda stalking them. Nathan tells him there’s no hope for him. Meanwhile,  Jaime asks Lucas why everyone is so mad at Grandpa Dan all of the time. Lucas asks how he would feel if someone took Chester away from him forever. Jaime says he would be mad and sad. Lucas is all, exactly. Jaime gives Lucas a hug. Awww.

Back at Brooke’s. She’s on the phone, turns out it’s Owen and he’s freaking out about the baby news. We won’t see be seeing him for awhile. Peyton and Haley show up to see that Brooke has bought a RIDICULOUS amount of stuff, but no like diapers, no food, no crib, no car seat. Peyton and Haley question this logic. Haley offers to take her to go look through some of Jaime’s old stuff. Brooke is nuts.

Back to Millie and Mouth. He’s not moving to Omaha. Zzz…

Haley and Brooke have a quick heart to heart. Then the guys and Jaime get home and Peyton and Lucase are face to face! Dun dun dun. Cut to them walking and talking. Peyton wants to build a small video in the office to cut down on paying for studio time. Lucas is going to ask Karen if that’s cool, but he thinks it is. Petyon feels bad/responsible for what happened with Lindsay. Lucas says Lindsay loves him and she’ll come back. Peyton hopes so. It’s so dumb that they have him so in the tank for Lindsay. Considering how it all ends, it just makes it seem so unearned. Lucas only loves Lucas…and Haley, but not like that.

Chase goes to see Brooke to deliver a message for Owen. As it turns out, Owen has no intention of talking face to face with Brooke about the baby stuff. He also tells her that Owen didn’t send him but he knows that Owen’s NOT coming. Owen’s obvy not as grown up as he thought he was. Chase came by to give an old friend the heads up about a newish one. He’s leaving town I guess and wanted to see Brooke again and tell her goodbye. He’s adorable. But then he tells her to not take the Owen stuff personally. Whaaa?

Millie and Mouth? Whaaa, how could Skills have thought he killed Chester? He doesn’t get near animals! Oh, turns out Millie’s a virgin. Zzz…Oh, I’m glad that Mouth would never pressure her. Poor Shelly.

Nanny interview time! They strike out. It’s cute.

Lucas shows up to friend talk with Brooke. It’s false. I love The Chad, but Lucas is false.

Naley are adorable. They talk and she wants to do it all. She then sends Nathan off to go practice basketball. Their therapist said focus on what they love in order to be the people they fell in love with again. Nathan and Q train together. Q starts up the Nathan Scott comeback thing. He clowns Nathan and Nathan stomps off. Nathan comes back from changing and Q is gone. Dan is in the gym though. Um, Tree Hill High, LOCK YOUR DOORS! Dan is staring at the spot his jersey used to hang and regretting it all. Whatever. Nathan is all Grrr about the state of his basketball skills.

Skills is angry about his conversation with Q still. Skills, don’t let that fool get to you…he’s just a KID! Mouth interrupts his workout to ask if Millie can move into the apartment with them. Skills says he’ll talk to Junk and Fergie.

Haley is playing guitar and singing song while Jaime plays. Nathan walks in with some wine. It’s so crazy seeing Haley drink alcohol. She only did that once, really. It’s weird seeing her drive too. Innyway, she tells Nathan that she’s going to record a record with Peyton. He is happy for her. He tells her the workout didn’t go well but that whatever happens they’re going to be fine. We hear familiar voice! It’s Grandma Deb! She’s going to be Nanny Deb! Yay! Deb is good times. Haley called her mom. Wow, a lot did happen in 4 years.

Dan voiceover. More of him feeling sorry for himself. Who cares, Dan is the DEVIL! I don’t care how contrite he is! As Dan talks and talks…Nathan is happy watching his family. Q is sad his hand is in a cast. At TRIC, Lucas tells Skills that Q will realize he did right by him. Peyton goes to talk to Lucas, but then doesn’t go after all. Millie moves into the apartment. Peyton goes to take Brooke to the airport to pick up the baby, but Brooke decides she needs to go alone. Um, ok. Back to Dan back at the Raven’s gym. The A? And then at the airport with Brooke where she gets the baby handed off to her. Seriously, she just gets a baby handed to her and the lady walks away. No paperwork or what the kid’s medical condition is. Special care instructions. She’s already said she doesn’t know what. Whaaa? Maybe they are going to go to her house and visit with her later. Brooke smiles and holds the baby. Roll credits.


Until next time…tooda loos!