September 11, 2016

The baby won’t stop crying. She just cries and cries and cries. OMG, Sunkist is still sneaking up on us. It like went, Boo! She’s going to have heart surgery. I don’t get any of this. Peyton tries to help, but the baby just has to finally wear herself out.

It’s Jaime’s 5th birthday! Party time! Well Deb, Haley just found out that your “handsome” grandson wants to continue to be a pain her ass! Or you know, for a wii and for his grandpa Dan to come to his party. Meanwhile at the gym, Nathan tells Dan to take a frickin’ hike, murderer!

Haley goes to visit Lucas to remind him that Lindsay will be at the birthday party. Haley says that she’ll ask her not to come if it’s going to make Lucas uncomfortable for her to her there. Lucas loves her for it and I’m pretty sure at this point, that would make a great drinking game for a binge watch. “I love you for it/that/whatever” DRINK! Lucas is super delusional and thinks Lindsay’s coming back to him even though she’s told him time and again at this point, NO, they are just strictly professional now, editor and writer. No means NO, man! Haley looks at her friend and can’t believe that he’s so ugh.

Skills goes to visit Peyton. Whaaa? Oh, Mia’s album is #2 on iTunes. I guess it was, maybe. But idk, I didn’t buy it. No way the wii is still hard to find or something to find 4 years later. It would’ve been a thing in the 4 years that were skipped, right? Stuff like that is what makes things confusing with a time jump.

Yes, Haley, yes, it’s super creepy that Dan still hangs around high school gym to stalk his son…buuuut, no different from what he did when y’all were teenagers, so…Nathan says Dan wants to come to the party and Haley says Jaime wants him to, but she just keeps dodging the issue. Ugh, Jaime. Nathan says no to grandpa Dan coming and Jaime is sad because he is bleh…and doesn’t really know the whole truth.

I think it’s funny that Brooke is also a really talented artist, but it’s not like a thing, just  a necessity to design. Eww, the baby just threw up on her paper.

Awww, Skills think the Scotts don’t want him around anymore. Peyton says that’s not true, they love him. He thinks they don’t because he got their son kidnapped. Um, no, Jaime got himself kidnapped. I saw it all! Plus, I thought they entrusted him with getting the number one thing on Jaime’s list. Skills has misplaced guilt, I guess. Peyton says to ask fo what he wants, it won’t just happen. For reals though, Naley probs don’t know that they need to forgive him. I’m pretty sure they know it’s ALL Carrie’s fault. They bring up Lucas again but NOT to say that Lucas is an ASS.

Haley with Lucas and he’s trying on shirts for the party I guess. He wants to look good for Lindsay. Um, again Lucas, no means NO! Haley says that a shirt won’t bring Lindsay back. They then have the I’m your best friend so know that I am here for you talk. It’s sweet. I love their friendship!

I don’t get where this is coming from that Skills can’t come over. Have they really told him he can’t? Does anyone actually need to be invited into that house? I’m so confused. Plus, there was just that whole episode where he and Nathan and Lucas spent that time coaching and taking Q to the doctor. Nathan didn’t seem to be giving Skills the cold shoulder or anything. I wished they would’ve showed it as like a thing because right now it seems very one sided and unsupported. Plus, isn’t he invited to the party? Did I miss something?

Party time! Creepy clown, Haley not amused. Oh, Deb hired him. Haha. Haley goes outside to greet Brooke and Peyton and baby Angie. Party stuff, party stuff, Lindsay shows up. Brooke writes Jaime a check. That’s the way to do it.

Lucas goes and talks to Lindsay. She just wants to talk about the book. She says she’ll stop by his place after the party. Ooo, Jamie calls her out, but in a nice way, he doesn’t really get that she left for good. Lucas hands him some cash and Jamie goes on his way. It’s weird that Skills is all talking to Peyton and being her cheerleader. Whatevs. She sends him to go have the talk with the Naley.

OMG, Deb’s flirting with the clown. Dan rings the doorbell and Deb answers it. He wastes no time throwing out the “clever” insults. The clown comes to her rescue and Dan tells them to give Jamie the gift from him.

Oh Peyton, why do you talk to Lindsay? Why? She’s a non-starter. She is right though, it’s not Peyton’s fault. Lindsay makes her own decisions. Skills talks to Naley and they reassure him that they don’t blame him, they blame Carrie, and they all love him. Yeah, so now that everybody’s on the same page…present time! Jamie gets a jersey with the number 23, but Deb doesn’t tell them who it’s from. The party ends and everyone leaves. Haley starts thanking Deb for all of her help and then notices Deb has some white stuff all over her. It’s the clown makeup. Poor Haley…the things she’s seen.

Skills talks to Jamie before he leaves. He hasn’t given him the present yet. Jamie opens it and asks him to play. Awww.

Yes, Brooke. EVERYONE knows more about babies than you. You are the most self-centered person we know. NO judgment, just fact. You’ll get there! Lucas offers to go to Angie’s pre-op appointment. She hugs him. This friendship they are showing them as having? FALSE.

Lindsay does show up at Casa de Squints. She’s not there to be back, just to get the rest of her stuff.  He tells her to keep the key because it’s her home. What an idiot. She leaves the key. Lucas, reality.

Angie won’t stop crying so she shows up at Casa de Squints with the baby. She needs help because she has to get sketches done for Macy’s! Shows up at Lucas’s. FALSE.

Peyton is at Mansion de Naley talking to Haley. Peyton says that she loves Luke and the idea of what Luke and she coulda been. Or some such thing as that. Haley can’t believe how ridiculous her friends are.

Lucas has gotten Angie to stop crying. Brooke is amazed. They talk about going back to the way it was when they were teenagers. Not surprised Brooke finds not being a teen difficult. She did mention that would be an issue before they graduated. Lucas tells her to stay and finish her sketches.

Lucas Voiceover time! It’s about being young and growing up and wanting things to matter and yadda yadda. They are still young, but they don’t feel young so this is the kind of voiceovers we get. Skills and Jamie are still playing wii. Hales says they can play one more game, but then it’s time for bed. Brooke depends the night with Lucas on his couch. Whatever. Nathan goes to visit Dan. It was Nathan’s first Jersey! Dan hands him a will. Nathan gets the beach house, but he doesn’t want it or anything else form Dan. Turns out Dan has a bad heart, but it’s not a surprise to ANYONE. Oh, his HCM is acting up and he needs a heart transplant or he’s dead in 6 months. The A?! Roll credits.

FALSE. They just want us to think that it’s love triangle part trois about to go down…but it’s not! So don’t you even think it.

Until next time…tooda loos!