September 12, 2016

Dan is dying. But is he really? Why, yes, he is! Lucas talked to the cardiologist. No matter what, this lawless town never let’s you down! Those docs and their loose lips.

Haley is like super torn as to whether they should still keep Jamie away from Dan. Lucas thinks a good riddance is in order. Nathan keeps going to see Dan only to tell him to stay away from his family! The Scotts are in turmoil, y’all!

Brooke presents a line of baby clothes to Macy’s and they love it! She has baby Angie along for the ride. Everything seems to be coming up roses for Brooke. She’s just too happy right now.

Peyton goes to see Lindsay and is given a copy of the comet manuscript. She reads it and cries. Does Lucas love her? Does she want Lucas? OMG, who cares?


Lucas goes with Brooke to the baby’s doctor visit. He informs them that the surgery is going to repair holes in the baby’s heart. Brooke is scared, but it’s the only way. I hope baby Angie lives because I that would just be too sad.

Q apologizes to Skills in his own way. Skills accepts the apology and figures out a way to still used Q in the game. Q will now be the point guard and the team will now only shoot 3 pointers. Crazy!

This show is like, Whaaa?

This dude has some MAJOR isues!

Until next time…tooda loos!