September 13, 2016


What happens in this episode? A fat lotta nothin’! At this point the show is in this stasis of rehashment. Jamie is all Grandpa Dan, Grandpa Dan, Grandpa Dan. Um, just tell the kid y’all don’t like him because he murdered your uncle. Was that so hard? But nope, Haley lets Jamie give Dan the card he made him. But only because Jamie found it in the trash can and ran away from home. Way to reward that behavior!

Nathan is training, but at 22 he just doesn’t have the energy. OMG, he thinks he’s like 35 or something 😉

Haley is feeling insecure about recording again because of what happened last time. Yeah, a little PTSD from that debacle isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Nathan was really mean. She’s also just afraid of not being there for her family or something and feels bad about lying to Jamie. Meh. Hales will be fine. She’s super smart.

Baby Angie gets her surgery. Never thought I’d have to say this about Brooke, but…Zzz…

Dan is #2 on the transplant list for a heart. These super professional docs in Tree Hill let slip who is #1. Dan proceeds to up his creep factor. Is he going to off #1 or be his best friend? Idk.

Peyton spends the episode with no direction really. She’s supposed to record with Haley, but Haley is having issues and then Mia shows up and we’re subjected to her singing instead. Ugh. I DON’T CARE ABOUT MIA! But she’s in it for the long haul, people. That’s how it is.

It’s time to try their crazy shenanigans of all 3s! It actually works out for them. Lucas gets a call from Lindsay at half time. He hasn’t heard from her in like a week and he is sad. So she calls and he says it’s halftime so she goes ahead and delivers the bad news to him anyway. Jerk! Lucas has been nothing but good to her! It’s not his fault you interpret his book as still loving Peyton, that’s on you! Innyway, apparently, she tells him she’s seeing someone else and this makes him ANGRY and he gets ejected from the game during the second half. What a tool!

He goes to TRIC and gets WASTED! He passes out on the bar and Peyton sees him and takes him home and as she leaves from dropping him off in his bed he tells her that he HATES her and wishes she never came back and she ruined his life. What a baby. Roll credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!