September 14, 2016

The title sequence has been removed for the whole season. It’s just the One Tree Hill title card on a black background. But to start this episode we have Jamie, and Gavin DeGraw sitting at the piano and singing a softer version of I Don’t Wanna Be. It’s super cute!

Well, we’ve made it through another season. This is a bit of a whimper considering all that has happened. We had mean moms, crazy nannies, aborted weddings, Dan, all the nuttiness. However, we have a lot of cliffhangers…

1. Dan is a despicable human. Of all of the adults on this show, he gets rewarded with an arc towards “redemption”. Sorry, if Angel couldn’t be redeemed, then neither should Dan. He’s awful! The guy that is number 1 on the list dies and Dan is relieved because now he doesn’t have to kill him. However, he helps an old man and then gets run over. As he is laying there in the street his beeper goes off for a new heart. Good riddance. SPOILER ALERT: Can’t get rid of the DEVIL! that easy!

2. Lucas is at the airport. He makes a phone call and says that he has 2 tickets to Vegas and they can get married tonight. But we see Brooke answer a phone and say hello, we see Lindsay and Peyton do the same. WHO DID HE CALL?! SPOILER ALERT: Honestly, I don’t remember, but I’m crossing my fingers that it’s NOT Lindsay!

Ok, so that’s like to major cliffhangers…whatevs!

Other stuff that happens…

Haley records a song that plays over the end…it’s pretty good and she sounds great! Why haven’t we just heard her sing the whole time? Why bring on Mia at all?!

Nathan starts to make his comeback that’s not a comeback. He trains with Q and things are looking up for the Scotts.

Lucas binge drinks because he thinks Lindsay is seeing someone else. Nathan and Jamie show up to set him straight. Nathan totes knows from experience that drinking all of the alcohol in sight is not any way to productively solve your problem. Lucas cleans himself up and Haley shows up to buzz away his new Mohawk. It’s a cute. She gives him lots of pep talks.

Haley also gives Peyton a lot of pep talks. She is convinced Lucas still loves Peyton.

Peyton paints a giant comet a poem or whatever on the River Court.

Lindsay confesses that she’s not actually seeing anybody.

Mia emails and calls Peyton to let her know that she met a guy on tour who claims to have known Ellie. Whaaa?

Crazily enough, we even have time for a side plot of Jamie being afraid of the water since he almost drowned. It’s concluded when Nathan admits to also being scared about getting back into basketball. The whole family jumps into the water together and it’s really cute and fun!

Baby Angie goes back home 8 days earlier than expected. Brooke, for realskis.

This whole episode is NUTS! Yet, at the same time, a little plodding. Hm.

Let’s just take a moment to reflect not on the television revolutionizing time jump, but on the fact that at the beginning of the season Nathan was in a wheelchair because he pretty much didn’t feel like getting up out of it. What a tool. But let’s also reflect on the fact that years later this same occurrence would happen in a little Hallmark Channel show called When Calls the Heart. In one episode a kid comes to town in wheelchair. The doctor says there is no reason she should be in the wheelchair as there is nothing wrong with her legs. Can you believe it, the kid just won’t get up? This show. The influence it has had and continues to have on television is boundless.

Marriage or murder…that’s the the town we live in!

Until next time…tooda loos!