September 15, 2016

Um, so, um…

Lucas has like a Last Temptation of Christ moment and gets to live out what it would be like to be married to either Brooke, Peyton, or Lindsay. He seems happy with all of them. But then some like magic stuff happens and he chooses the right card and the phone call he made at the end of last season was to Peyton. Yeah, she shows up at the airport and they are all blissfully in love. Brooke’s phone call was from her mother. And Lindsay’s phone call was from, Who cares?!, that’s who!

It turns out that Nanny Carrie is the person that hit Dan. She has him now. She’s torturing him with the intent to kill him, but she needs to use him first to lure Jamie. Whaaa? Crazy.

Skills and Deb are dating. They were matched on an online dating site of some sort. Um, whatever.

Victoria is trying to setup a hostile takeover or Clothes Over Bro’s from Brooke. She wants the new sketches, but Millie won’t give them up, no way! She calls Victoria evil. And as Victoria¬†leaves the store, she says Millie will pay for that. So I think we’re supposed to think that what happens later is Victoria’s doing. But I don’t think so. She may think her daughter a dum dum, but I don’t think she’d be so cruel.

Nathan and Haley are happy! I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I enjoy it when they are happy.

And just when you’re all, this episode is whimsy…

It’s night and Brooke gets beat up as she’s leaving the store. Yep. Roll credits.


Until next time…tooda loos!