September 16, 2016

Brooke’s attacker beat her up and it’s bad. He also destroyed the store. She tells Peyton she fell down the stairs. She only tells Deb what really happened because Deb has a gun and Brooke wants to learn how to use it. She didn’t report the crime to the police because she doesn’t want the press getting involved. Whaaa? That’s Brooke for you. Ugh. Not one of her better decisions.

Everyone…except Brooke…is hunk-dory. But then…

Q walks into a convenient store at the wrong time. A robbery is occurring and he sees that the store clerk is most likely dead. He instantly knows his fate. Q is shot and killed. Nothing that happened in the episode ┬áreally matters after that. I can’t even. Poor Q.

There’s a scary dude terrorizing Tree Hill and it’s NOT Dan Scott!

Until next time…tooda loos!