September 17, 2016

This episode could’ve been epic, but then they went and interspersed scenes of Crazy Carrie and Dan. And then to make things worse, Carrie is crazy and wants to kidnapped Jamie because her kids is dead and buried in her backyard. This show.

Brooke spends the whole episode feeling sorry for herself and upholding the lie that she fell down the stairs. In my head cannon Haley and Nathan KNOW she didn’t fall down the stairs but are letting her be how she needs to be until she’s ready to do what she needs to do.

Haley finished the cape for Q and it’s awesome and Jamie put the cape on Q’s casket and it was a pretty powerful moment.

The episode is narrated by new girl Sam, the girl that stole a shirt from Brooke’s store. Or tried to, but somehow she has it…hmmm…Haley makes her sit in the back of the room so she doesn’t sit in Q’s seat. What a strange welcome. Haley has some good moments in this.

Q’s mom’s strength comes from Jesus.


Jamie meets Q’s little brother. He gives the brother Q’s jersey. When the basketball team shows up at the funeral, the brother puts the jersey on and stands with the team. It’s a pretty powerful moment.

Some other stuff happens, none of which is Brooke reporting a crime. Ugh.

Brooke stands with Jamie by the casket while he puts the cape on it. Everyone else has gone to their car. When he throws the cape over the casket she cries for the first time since she was attacked. In the last episode she made a point to say that she wasn’t going to cry so this is supposed to be a powerful moment, I guess. Innyway, the Sam voiceover (which is basically an assignment Haley gave the kids to help them grieve, but Sam is new) talks about how she didn’t know Q, but she heard he was a basketball player, a son, a brother, a friend, and that when he played he almost looked as if he could fly and now he can. It was nice. Roll credits. The title cards turn white, probs and allusion to Six Feet Under.


Until next time…tooda loos!