September 18, 2016

In this episode, Q’s #44 jersey is retired. The Ravens play with only 4 men on the court and they lose. The team wants to play that way for the rest of the season. I’m mostly distracted that Lucas is coaching the game since he’s supposed to be suspended for 10 games. He shouldn’t be coaching until the last game of the season. Whatever.

While visiting Q’s grave, Haley and Jamie discover Dan’s huge gravestone. Hales assures him that grandpa Dan is NOT dead, he’s just a weirdo. Jamie wants to go visit his so Haley reluctantly takes Jamie to the beach house. Newspapers are on the porch and the door is unlocked. She tells Jamie to go wait in the car…in case Dan is inside dead. Later she calls Dan’s doctor because she knows those people are the biggest gossips in the lawless town that is Tree Hill. Sure enough, when they call back it’s to say that they had a heart for Dan, but he never showed. Dun dun dun.

Nathan is really upset by the revelation from the funeral that Skills and Deb are a couple. He kicks Deb out of the house because he just can’t deal with something that’s none of his business. Haley talks to him, Skills talks to him, Jamie talks to him, and Deb talks to him. Finally, he tells Deb to move back in because Jamie needs her. Deb had already broken up with Skills after a conversation she had with Nanny Carrie at the park. Um, how come no one showed Deb a picture of Nanny Carry?! After the game Nathan says she can move back in and doesn’t want to know anything about her relationship with Skills. She’s about to say that Nathan has sacrificed so much, but Nathan stops her for reasons. Um, since when has Nathan sacrificed?

Brooke spends the episode in her own world. She does go see the therapist that Haley recommended. Then she goes to New York to confront her mother. Peyton spends the episode in her own world. An old friend of Ellie’s shows up in town at the new Red Bedroom Records recording studios. He’s Mick Wolf and in OTH land he his SUPER famous in a cult favorite kind of way. She thought he might be her bio-dad, but he says he’s not.

Sam the shoplifter is getting a background.

I think that’s it for tonight. I’m falling asleep!

Until next time…tooda loos!