September 19, 2016

OMG. I can’t even believe it. This episode is part dullsville, part horror movie. Haley, Jamie, Dan and Deb are in a monster movie. Nanny Carrie is the monster.

Nathan is approached by the D-League team that feeds the Bobocats. He thinks they want him to play. But really, they want him to coach. Whaaa?

Brooke might be regretting giving up her company to Victoria. She is still talking to the therapist. Therapy does help. She seems to be making a connection with the Sam character. Millicent comes back to help Brooke after Victoria has all the merchandise removed from the boutique.

Lucas is an ASS. He hasn’t told Lindsay about things with Peyton even though he has wedding date news she might need to know as his editor. He didn’t want to tell her over the phone. She wishes she had. She is sad about it, but she admits that she was rooting for the couple in the book. His memoir that they classify as a novel. His newest novel is now in book form and he is going on a book tour. Zzz…

Meanwhile, Peyton is hanging out with Mick Wolf. He said he is not her bio dad, but she just KNOW that he is. All of the reminiscing about the old days and Ellie probably brought up a ton of regrets and whatnot. Peyton is stood up by Lucas and Mick. Poor Peyton is surrounded by A-holes. Not to mention her best friendship with Brooke is the WORST. Brooke won’t confide in her about anything at all and instead just treats her like crap. I hope they straighten out the Brooke character soon because I this version of her is the pits! Oh, and Mick gives up on a year of sobriety. That’s pretty heavy since a year of sobriety is a long time, but also not long in the grand scheme of Peyton’s life and all. He’s still struggling. Sad.

Back to the horror show. Sometimes they have to make Haley a bit of a dum dum. I don’t get how any of these people still trust anything they hear over the phone. The Internet is more accurate than their phone calls! Innyway, Nanny Carrie manages to fool Haley into bringing Jamie to the middle of nowhere. She does and gets knocked out. Jamie runs into a cornfield. Oh yeah, this really happens. Dan manages to wake Haley up by telling her to wake up. She finds Jamie in the field. Of course that’s when Nathan calls her back and they run out of the field. Carrie is chasing them with a syringe of a paralyzing agent. As they run passed Haley’s car Carrie is hit with a bottle. Nanny Deb to the rescue! She saw the pic of Carrie in a drawer and realized is was the lady she was talking to at the park the other day. She also noticed that the address on the fridge was to somewhere in the woods and Dan hates the woods, he would never go there to die. She was totes right! Of course, Carrie stands up and is going to try and kill the ladies, when Dan shoots her with the gun she left by his bed. OMG. Later at night, Carrie wakes up outside where she fell, but Dan is there waiting. She says he can’t kill her and he says he called the cops. She says she’ll get out and come back. Idiot. Dan reminds her that he meant what he said and that the threat was real if she came near his family again. She must’ve forgot that he’s recently out of prison for killing his own brother in cold blood. She means nothing to him. Sure enough, he shoots her dead. Roll credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!