September 20, 2016

Luke goes to Omaha to start his book tour. He is not met by Lindsay, rather some dude. And that dude is a Jerkface. Long story short, his book tour is DOA. He drives back to Tree Hill with Mouth. Oh yeah, that guy, he’s an idiot!

It’s been two weeks since the Nanny Carrie debacle. Haley has decided to return to school. In a bit of married’s cute, Nathan shows Haley the short cut through shop class. It’s a convenient route to find Sam sleeping in the car. Haley decides to reach out and get all up in Sam’s business. It’s the best thing that could’ve ever happened to Sam.

imageMillie, Hales, and Peyton all help Brooke in their own way. Brooke finally tells Peyton the truth about what happened to her face. Millie helps lifts Brooke’s spirits. Haley convinces her to foster Sam. She gives Sam Peyton’s old room at the house.

Peyton spends her day being Peyton. Mick comes back around and admits to being her bio dad. He says that it was hard on Ellie to give her up, but they knew it was the best thing thing they could do for her. The one year sober chip belonged to Ellie so he gives it to Peyton. Ellie got it when she was pregnant with Peyton because she insisted on remaining sober throughout. That’s sweet. Even sweeter? Peyton calls Larry to thank him and catch up because she misses him. Sniffle.

And to round out our core 5…Nathan has decided to try Slamball to show the NBA that he’s ready for another shot at the big time. Slamball involves basketball stuff with TRAMPOLINES on the court and tackling at mid court. Ummm…ok.


Until next time…tooda loos!