September 21, 2016

Ugh. Starting with Peyton and Lucas…Zzzz…oh, it’s a nightmare sequence about moving in together.

Yeah, Owen talks funny, but he’s sooooo CUTE! Brooke is so over him. He’s dropping off Sam because she stole Brooke’s ID. Haha.

OMG, the screen just went blank! There’s like nothing happening for like 2 minutes…weird.

Awww, the Naley family is at the Slamball court. They are so cute! Nathan says Haley should be going after her dream too, that was the deal. She’s not ready with everything that’s happened and all.

Haha, Sam skipped out the window.

Some kid is picking on Jamie for wearing a cape at school. Haha. FIGHT!

Peyton is reading an issue of B.Davis magazine that has an article about couples moving in together. OMG, they aren’t leaving the house. They are STUCK with each other all day! Zzz…

Woah, so Haley’s teaching about haikus and Brooke storms up in her classroom to get a couple things. Turns out that Sam skipped out with Brooke’s sunglasses and wallet. Haley makes up a fun haiku after Brooke leaves. Haha.

Jamie and Dan. Sweet scene. Jamie is sad about being picked on at school.


Brooke goes to apologize to Haley and to talk to her about Sam. Haley gives her some tips on how to handles the kid. They’re good friends.

Whoa, Luke hates The Cure. This isn’t going to work. Peyton also hates his tattoo. Haha, Lucas won’t sleep in his mom’s room and Peyton wants to move into the master. This is actually a pretty good “argument”.

Oh, look, Grace Potter at the docks (but not really playing herself), just playing her guitar and singing. No bigs. Whoa, she recognizes Haley and starts singing When the Stars Go Blue. AWESOME! They have an exchange about albums and Haley skedaddles.

Later at the house Naley have a chat with Jamie about getting in a fight at school. They’re not mad, they just talk with him. Haley says the best way to deal with bullies is to walk away. Haha, yeah right Haley, that’s TOTALLY how you deal with bullies. She tells Jamie that he should just keep wearing his cape if he wants. She tells him how she used to have a poncho that everyone thought was ugly, but she liked it so she kept wearing it. Now that’s true.

Haha, Lucas can’t perform because they are in what he still thinks of as his mom’s bed and it’s cracking Peyton up.

Brooke goes looking for Sam and runs into Owen. She confronts him about his being an absolute jerk!

Whoa, game is on. To make a point about how ridiculous the article is, Lucas puts a line of tape and divides the house.

Haley is walking Jamie up to school and he sees the kid that he had a fight with yesterday. To avoid ruinning into him, Jamie stops to tie his shoe. Hales is no dum dum she knows who the culprit is now. Jamie ties his shoe and staying away. Haley goes up to the mom to talk about what’s been going on and the lady is totes flip and is a boys will boys attitude. The lady is pretty mean and then Haley gets upset and pushes her. And none of us are surprised by this. Haha. Later Nathan makes fun. Then he goes to see Brooke to help them out with stuff. The next day that kids is STILL picking on Jamie. His mom probably gave him some extra ammunition. Lucas walks to the playground and shows the kids some awesome basketball moves while wearing a cape! He then offers one to every kid on the playground. Awww.

Sam and Brooke. Zzz…no I am SERIOUSLY falling asleep. Long day. Sam is used to people being all, Blargh, git! She shows Brooke that the waitress behind the counter is her bio mom, but the lady has no idea who Sam is.

Until next time…tooda loos!