September 22, 2016

Nathan plays in his first Slamball game and Haley winces the entire time. Later he does the same while she plays the piano and they are SUPER cute. They really have learned to communicate better.

Who hasn’t really learned to communicate better? Lucas and Peyton. So Lucas gets a call that someone wants to option the movie rights for An Unkindness of Ravens. The director comes to town and wants to chat with Lucas and get a feel for the town and people. Well, long story short, Julian Baker enters the scene as a bit of a villain. He know Peyton and well, dun dun dun.

Brooke is still having problems with Sam because the kid just wants to be bad. Sam is surprised that when she messes up royally, Brooke doesn’t kick her out of the house. Poor Sam, always thinking she has nowhere left to go. But not this time, Brooke grounds her.

This episode was ok, but I think the next couple should be more exciting. Peyton’s planning a USO show for her brother because their bio dad’s a deadbeat and never came through for him. I’m of course confused that she still is in touch with Derek and didn’t just call him to ask if Mick Wolf was their dad. Silly Peyton.

Until next time…tooda loos!