September 23, 2016

So in this episode, Owen gives up on Brooke. Because, come on, Brooke’s leading him on and he gets it. Brooke later apologizes and they seem to end things on friendlier terms.

Nathan plays a game of slamball to get his team to the championship game. The team wins, but some goon with a grudge from his college playing days rams Nathan through the glass after the game is over. Jamie and Haley run down and Jamie tells Nathan not to play slamball anymore. It really is a very scary sport, especially for a guy who just got out of a wheelchair a couple of months ago. Pshaw.

Sam teaches Jamie some economics. It’s actually pretty cute and NOWHERE near the worst thing Sam has ever done.

Lucas spends the episode contemplating writing Keith’s death scene. It actually makes sense that he doesn’t want to put it in the movie. And he’s not wrong, normally you don’t see something like that in a movie. But Julian wants him to write or he’ll find someone who will. Also in Lucas’s defense, he wasn’t there when it happened and has NO idea why it happened or the motivation of Dan. Because what happened was crazy. So he calls Dan out by defacing his premature gravestone. Dan goes to visit him at the River Court and tells him that Keith died a hero. He also says that every story needs a villain and he’s the villain of Lucas’s. Understanding now that Dan really is the despicable human he knows him to be and that Dan really did kill Keith out of malice and shouldn’t be aloud to foam the streets, Lucas is able to write the scene. He says he wrote it from the perspective of a young man’s hero dying or some such thing as that. Makes sense. No need to make Dan seem like some sort of a conflicted character. That’s for Schwann (I really don’t ever remember how to spell his name and really don’t feel like looking it up) to do.

Peyton spends the whole episode awkwardly flashbacking to her time with Julian and NOT telling Lucas she and Julian were in love. But not really. They still have their Lucas and Peyton game even when they aren’t near each other. This time the book was a representation of Lucas. In Peyton’s defense, Lucas left her out of the blue. Julian broke up with her a few years ago because of that book, but then he read it and wanted to make it into a movie. Zzz…Julian is unsure as to why Peyton is even keeping it a secret from Lucas. Um, it’s because that’s their way! Peyton LOOOOOVES secrets and Lucas LOOOOOOVES Peyton. That’s the long and short of it. Of course, Lucas finds out at the very end and confronts Peyton. Dun dun dun. Roll credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!