September 24, 2016

The backdrop of this episode is the USO concert. Peyton made good on her word to her brother that she would organize a concert for the marines. Haley and Mia each sing a song.  The headliner is Angels and Airewaves. That’s the band that the Blink 182 frontman formed. I don’t remember a single song they sang, but I know some Blink 182 songs. No Chris Keller :(.

Haley is nervous about the concert, she even has a Haley dream where she forgets the words. Her backing band is ENation. The actress used to be married to the keyboardist. The band has disbanded, I think. The important part though is that Jonathan Jackson is the lead singer of that band. He’s playing guitar. He’s super cute. Innyway, Nathan can’t go because doctors orders to stay and rest. And Haley’s paranoid so she makes him follow the doc’s orders. He tells her not to be nervous, just to act like it’s just the two of them like way back when she first sang for him at the cafe. OMG, these two. Haley of course sings her song and does great.

Nathan stays home and talks to Q who convinces him to keep up with the comeback. It’s pretty sweet.

Lucas is trying to play it cool about the recent revelation. He knows he can’t be mad at Peyton because he’s always falling in love with other people even when he knows he’s actually in love with her. So what’s this ONE dude she’s dated and thought she was in love with even though she knew she was in love with Lucas. He does go punch Julian though. Peyton finds out later and is glad because that means that Lucas cares or something. I swear, these girls. She convinces him to stick with making the movie with Julian.

Brooke gets a call from the adoption agency, they have a baby for her. Sam gets nervous that Brooke is going to dump her. Brooke assures her that she has no intention of getting rid of her. However, later when Brooke is talking to the agency she mentions she has a teenaged foster child. The adoption people tell her that’s a problem or complicates things. I don’t know how or why, but Sam overhears this and I’m sure is getting the wrong idea.

I think that’s the long and short of it as the important stuff. Brooke’s baby things is so pointless considering how her storyline goes. Oh, she also meets Julian for the first time!

Until next time…tooda loos!